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    Username: pacha42
    Real Name: Atillâ Öztürk
    Location: Istanbul, Turkey
    Date Joined: 1/8/2013 3:46:18 PM +00:00
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    Atillâ mixed on private Parties in the EBM scene, and in the early Acid House Music scene in the early 90's.

    He always gave right directions, impulses and smart advices for fat sounds and gorgeous rhythms, always at the quest for the best grooves for DJ's in Germany (located in Hildesheim, Bremen & Hamburg).

    In this century, Atillâ switched over to refine the audio quality of Mix Sets for DJs in Hamburg & Istanbul on the PC.

    Atillâ now settled over to Istanbul, carefully observing the Club Scene in Istanbul looking for the best interesting grooves. Deepest, Techie House Sounds with dominant Tribal or Minimal touches are his preferred styles nowerdays...

    Update: Since 2012, Atilla AKA "ATILLA-OZ" restarted mixing privately on parties again.
    Genres: Strictly Deep - Club - Tech House - Tribal House - Minimal House

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    Eat,drink,dance & mokoko!
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