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    Username: pradaman
    Age: 40
    Gender: Male
    Location: middlesbrough, United Kingdom
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    Getting back into my music now! Luv progressive house and techno. ; Fav DJ at the moment Matt Darey Fav track Quince Soba!! and well into SHM, Deniz Koyu, John Dahlback, Maurizio gubellini, Chris Kaeser, Laidback luke!!

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    Mr Black
    7/16/2011 11:52:41 AM +01:00
    Hey there. Thanks for downloading H6.5. I'm setting up a night in London called Habitual. Check the link, read the profile follow if you can and spread the word. Would really appreciate the support ;0) Thanks, Mr Black
    Phill W Russell
    9/12/2010 6:53:00 AM +01:00
    THANK-YOU!! For stopping by my page and listening and downloading my latest compilation. Much appreciate it. I just uploaded my latest compilation entitled, ‘Can’t Sleep..When The Sun Goes Down (Episode I)’ Stop by and take a listen!! May the Beat flow through your veins and keep the THUMPA-THUMPA in your soul!! Phill W. Russell
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