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Kaleems Fresh Souldeep 35 by SALTYKK

Fresh releases of some fine soulful tunes. This is part 1 and part 2 will comprise of my other Love, Deep House. Hope you enjoy the set becuase there is some killers in this especially Take Me Back (Atjazz Afrotech Remix) Kings Of Tomorrow feat. April, the others are solid as well, Love Peace Love N Big Respect Kaleem.

2011-10-04 17:08:11Z
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Track # Track Details
1 Sthandwa Sam (Original Mix)
DJ MIlion
2 Our Tribe (Deep Soul Deeper Mix)
Andy Compton feat. Rowan
3 Take Me Back (Atjazz Afrotech Remix)
Kings Of Tomorrow feat. April
4 La Vida Se Goza (Louie's Deep Vocal Mix)
Gomez & Fresco feat. Marisa Lopez
5 No Me Digas Nada (Franco De Mulero & Hector Romero Vocal Mix)
6 You Are Loved (Son Liva Mix Final Edit)
John Crockett feat. Natalie
7 Indescribable Feelings (The Remixes) (Baainar and Azee Project Mix)
Pascal Morais feat. Troy Denari
8 Still Got Love EP (Nutritious Remix)
Matt Prehn feat. Lu Chase
9 Hate Fleeting (Original Mix)
Bang Bang
10 I Need You Lord (The Antidotes Ministry Vocal mix)
Cei Bei
11 I Miss U (The Remixes) (Nteeze & Andy's Deep Vocal Mix)
Andre Harris
12 Back 2 My Future (D-Reflection Remix)
Peter James Kahn
13 Make Me Over (Sole Essential blaQvudoo Mix)
Distant People feat.. Nicole Mitchell
14 Englishman In New York (Ospina & Oscar P Remix)
Paris Cesvette feat. Lifford
15 Blind Faith EP (OtherSoul Fluta Magica Remix)
Paso Doble feat. Zano

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DJ Rimiks
Great track selection. Especially the K.O.T. is fantastic. Nice job.
Oh Yeah, track 1 South African Vibe, It is summer time this side m gonna pump this come weekend. tight mix! Hola!
Beautiful mix mate.
Totally and ultimately AWESOME!!!!
One word, my fellow D.J., ........Braaaavooo!!
Sand B
Really Groove... A mix takes your hand since first track to Autumn Season....
Nice Job...Big Respect!!!
Kaleems Fresh Souldeep 35

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