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  A mix of 1992 deep house records that I just picked up as well as classics that I've had
for years.  I finally replaced my DJ CD player and so now I can play some CD singles of
tracks I don't have on vinyl.  I used 3 CD tracks in this set, the rest are records of
course.  I'm very happy to have finally IDed Kraze "VooDoo Sun".  The internet was
of no value with trying to ID this one.  Instead the path to getting the ID came to me
in a dream and it worked.  I guess God or the spirits really wanted me to have this record and
I'm thankfull to whomever that was.

I aimed to put half vocal tunes and half instrumentals in an attempt to make a mix similar
to Truly Madly's "Girls" and "More Girls".  those are two brilliant mixes that I really like.  
I ended up buying several records from those sets because I enjoyed them so much.

It's nice to hear Gypsy Woman again.  I'll never understand why Jim Carey made fun of this
track on In Living Color.  This is a real serious deep house track, nothing to laugh about.  
I can see them making fun of Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, and MC Hammer, but Crystal Waters
"Gypsy Woman", What the heck????

Anyway this mix is a nice counter point to the End of the World DNB mix I made.  This one
is happy, which is probably more useful right now.

The girl that makes up the cover art is this lovely new age witch on youtube.  She has a
brilliant visual style that reminds me of the more spiritual ravers of the 90s.  She was
also featured on Vice.

01). Crystal Waters "Gypsy Woman (Basement Boy Strip To The Bone Mix)" (Mercury 868209-2 CD Single) 1991
02). Sole Fusion "We Can Make It" (Strictly Rhythm SR12100) 1992
03). Arthur Baker (feat: Nikeeta) "I O U (Vocal Ride)" (RCA RDAB-62237-1) 1992
04). Kerri Chandler "Insomnia Again" (Madhouse Records KCT1002) 1992
05). James Howard "Feeling Good" (Emotive EM728-0) 1992
06). Variation "Makes Me Holler (Holler Tech Mix)" (Project X Records PX10011) 1992
07). Romanthony "Make This Love Right (Amab I Lis Insania)" (Azuli AXNY20) 1993
08). Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson "The Best Things in Life are Free (Def Version)" (Perspective Records 31458-7406-2 CD Single) 1992
09). Todd Terry "Bring It Back" (TNT 02 MRLP-55003) 1992
10). Gypsymen (Todd Terry) "Stoppin' Us" (Legal ELS846203) 1992
11). Clubland feat. Zemya Hamilton "Set Me Free (12" Club Mix)" (Great Jones PR12615-1) 1992
12). Clubland "Hold On (Tighter To Love - To Die For Mix)" (Great Jones 162-530611-1) 1991
13). Shawn Christopher "Don't Lose The Magic (Magic Todd Terry Dub)" (Arista 07822-12412-1) 1992
14). Zhane "Hey Mr. DJ (UBQ's Underground Dub)" (Flavor Unit/Epic 9870-77121-1) 1993
15). Micheal Watford "Luv-4-2 (Extended Mix)" (Eastwest 0-96005) 1993
16). Ron Trent "Be My Friend (27th and 10th Mix)" (Prescription PCR003 Repress) 1993/201?
17). Kerri Chandler "Something Wrong" (Madhouse Records KCT1002) 1992
18). Henry "Only You Will Do" (SU-13) 1993
19). Double Exposure "Ten Percent (Masters at Work Remix)" (Sal Soul 5501-1) 1992
20). Grandpa (Kerri Chandler) "She's Crazy (Mystipschotic)" (Movin' Records) MR020) 1992
21). Boyd Jarvis "Guitar Space" (DTX004)
22). The Tribe "Go-San-Do (The Holivic Mix)" (Strictly Rhythm SR12218) 1993
23). R.A.W. "Asuca (Double Platinum Dub)" (Strictly Rhythm SR12215) 1993
24). Kraze/Moonfou "Voodoo Sun (Tribal Sun Mix)" (Project X Records PX10014) 1992
25). Masters At Work "The Ha Dance (Ken/Lou Mixx)" (Cutting Records CR-246) 1991
26). Trinidad "Philly The Blunt (Cuera Smoked A Big One)" (Nervous Records NER20009) 1991
27). C+C Music Factory - Track 11 "Just Beats" (Columbia 7464-47093-2 CD Album) 1990
28). India feat. Kyze "The Lover Who Rocks You All Night (Rock U Right Mix)" (Reprise 7599-21524-0) 1990
29). Bingoboys feat. Princessa "How To Dance (Extended Radio Version)" (Atlantic 0-86083) 1990

Bonus Content:
Just as with my latest techstep mix, "The End of the Earth", I've recorded a youtube video of a small portion of
the set.  Lets see if anything gets content IDed here... I'm wondering if my reverb unit makes it harder for the
bots to flag my records.
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ekkee Monday, March 23, 2020


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mikehilmer10 Tuesday, April 7, 2020

good mix

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ekkee Sunday, March 14, 2021


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turbovamp Thursday, May 6, 2021

:) :P) )

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turbovamp Thursday, May 6, 2021


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