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This set is based on records that Grooverider actually had in his record bag in
1991.  Theres 4 records in here that I don't know if he had in his bag but he should have
and I marked those with a pound sign.  I find it interesting that he was actually playing
mostly house at the beginning of 1991 including "Voices", a vocal house tune which I
don't own.  Then I was thinking about it.  He actually used the vocal samples in "Voices"
in several of his hardcore tunes such as "Inta", that sample being the
"buggy te bug be bug bum bum" chant.  Now I want that record myself haha!  Its so cool
to see he was using Strictly Rhythm records too, thats great.

Anyway this spring I've been trying to collect all of the records he played at that
famous Helter Skelter - The Funhouse set.  I now have all of them and I'll be remaking
that set shortly as well as making an "Inverted" version where I play the B-Sides.

I also remade his tagteam mix with Fabio, the Universe Tribal Gathering set as well as
an Inverted version several years ago but I never uploaded it as one record was so
full of pops it made me angry.  To this day I haven't seen a (M) version of that record
so I might as well just unpop it with volume envelopes in Acid Pro and be done with it.

Anyway I hope someone enjoys this little ditty.  I already listened to it twice at
top volume and I really enjoyed it myself.  I really like this record I picked up for
5 dollars at an antique shop in NJ, Man With No Name "Geddit".  This is the kind of
cross over Deep House to 'Ardkore that I really love so much.  It reminds me of
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis "The New Style" which I can't get enough of.  Also the following
track 400 Blows I'm sure Groove must have played as it has his style all over it.  Its
like a Psychotropic meets Isotonik meets Rhythm Section sort of jam.  I never would have
known about it if I didnt download this one Kleez-One set so thank you Kleez for this!

One last thing!  If you own an iPOD or iPhone, I highly recommend NOT downloading
iOS 11.0 - 11.3.  It ****** me up so hard!  My whole MP3 library is now only searchable
if each file is in an album of itself.  Then once its in an album (the name being the
same as the file) it works but it took me 3+ hours to do and I'm still not done.  Even
once this is accomplished the next file will not play, the ipod simply stops!  So the
only way to have the next file play is to have a playlist with each next file.  Apple
really sucks with this iOS 11+ update.  Ohh and now the music player when in idle will
NOT show the album art... Thridly, the whole ipod now runs slow.  Thanks apple... WTF!?!?!

01). DV8 "This Beat Is Over" (Strictly Rhythm SR1239) 1991
02). Dee Gorgous "Better Then ***" (Music Doctors Nugroove 077) 1991 #
03). Frequency "Square Methods" (White 04) 1991
04). Frequency "Xanadu" (Lower East Side LES 017) 1991
05). Shotgun Assassins "Start The Panic" (Hardcore Urban Music Urban 17) 1991
06). Back From Detox "E.R.B." (Shut Up And Dance SUAD 22) 1991 #
07). Bass Construction "Dance With Power" (Elicit 12ELIC3) 1991
08). Dragonfly "Visions of Rage" (MPS Vinyl DF002) 1991/2018
09). Olympia "Art 2" (Dance Opera DO322) 1991 #
10). Alchemy "Kingdom of Sweets" (Orbital 12ORBITP2) 1991
11). Xray Xperiments "Kick The Bass" (MPS Vinyl XRAY003RM) 1991/2017
12). X-Men "Breakout" (Mutant 12MUTATE3) 1991
13). Nightmares on Wax "A Case of Funk" (Warp WAP15) 1991
14). E-Dancer "Pump The Move" (R&S RS9142) 1991/200?
15). Overnight "Pure Climax" (Buzz BZZXL106047) 1991
16). 2 Fabiola "The Milkyway" (Dance Opera DO335) 1991
17). Overnight "The Time Has Come" (Buzz BZZXL106047) 1991
18). R.A.F. "We Gonna Get (Extended Mix)" (ZYX 6548-12) 1991
19). Man With No Name "Geddit (You Can Get It)" (Fokus FK006AS) 1991 #
20). 400 Blows "Tension Release" (Warrior WAR12022) 1992? #
21). The Loved Ones "Resurrection Now (Celestial Mix)" (Proton Dance HMD721A) 1991

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Subsystem 22 May 2018


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mikehilmer10 22 May 2018

good music

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jeffpat 23 May 2018


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turbovamp 25 May 2018

top as usual

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ekkee 25 May 2018

another banger of a 91 mix,it reminds me of a, Amnesia Mix/Shelleys mix,always enjoy reading the background behind the mixes as well ,lol THANX

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Butler1970 26 May 2018


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ojian 02 June 2018

Old school all day long 😎

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jackstar 25 June 2018

great stuff

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turbovamp 08 August 2018

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pill me

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