Vasto - Italy
Name: Michele Di Rosa
Stage name: ARIES DJ
Age: 49
City: Vasto (CH)
Specialities: Private parties and weddings
Musical genre: house and commercial
Vocalist: no
Michele began his training to become a deejaywhen he was 15 and he received as a present some record players. So he began to take confidence with the magic world of vinyl learning to mix in an “authentic” short, a dj old-fashioned! Since he was a child he discovered his great passion for the music thanks to private parties where he performed to friends and relatives that led him to meet and mix several musical genres (techno, revival, group dances) short the so-called happy music.
After an endless series of festivals and parties, ARIES DJ worked in some small places in his area. Thanks to a group of Djs created together with other colleagues in a short time ARIES DJ had the opportunity to play in many important clubs and discos. The desire to emerge led ARIES DJ to never give up even in front of the most inaccessible and several musical situations, in short...a tenacious man!

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