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Dave Lee aka Joey Negro aka … well … he’s enough aliases you wonder whether he’s on an Interpol list.

Regarded by many as a national treasure, clearly deserving of a knighthood, plus a fine wearer of hats, Dave’s definitely worth making a song and dance about, so we did just that.

With the highest of hats, lush strings, soaring vocals and disco sweeps aplenty, here’s some proper all-time gems from the vaults - at least six never leave “the bag”.

Sound quality’s not perfect - there’s a fair amount of battered old vinyl in the mix - but hopefully you’ll forgive us.

Love and glittery disco-balls,


The AbRad team

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1 everybody by doug willis
2 space talk by masters of the universe
3 reachin' by phase II
4 gotta get up by flashback of a genius
5 how do you see me now by extortion
6 change for me by erro
7 weekend by fibre foundation
8 ride the rhythm by z factor
9 must be the music by joey negro
10 make a move on me by z factor
11 baby brother by sadam ant
12 get in to the music by z factor
13 sounds in the air by z factor
14 life is so strange by akabu
15 moody by sessomato
16 straight from the heart by loose change
17 I'll be there for you by sunburst band
18 does it feel good to you by foreal people
19 can't get high without u by joey negro
20 love hangover by diana ross
21 get your own by doug willis
22 mighty high by revival 3000


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