638 5 years ago

This month’s spicy AbstractRadio Session Recipe:

Take a bit of deep and a pinch of disco. Throw in a splash of funky together with just a hint of old school to bring out the full flavour. Add a dash of all-time classic for good measure.

Leave to marinate in a dark place for several months before serving.
No extra seasoning is necessary.

[serving suggestion – loud, with good, solid footwear]

As is customary for any AbRad session, every track’s a winner, but deserving of a special mention in dispatches are:
J. Sikora’s “Larry’s Garage”, Sahagun’s twisted latin workout “The 3rd Advice”, Kink’s ethereal “Pocket Piano” and X-Press 2’s autumnal masterpiece - “Give It”.


The Abrad team.

[any feedback, much appreciated] 



1 intro by rhythm doctor
2 body workin by grand larceny
3 hat play by rich pinder
4 morning funk mix by man without a clue
5 get out of my life by roter lewis
6 larry’s garage by juliet sikora
7 dangerous by clio
8 music makes me happy by be as deep
9 saxophonists by disk nation
10 like it deep by rene amesz
11 burp by diskode
12 jus house by move d
13 this time by lenny kiser
14 soul groove by soledrifter
15 here we go by joi resh
16 daledalehey by rafa barrios
17 dance by alan de lanier
18 secret love by soul divine
19 the 3rd advice by manuel sahagun
20 mommy what’s a record by kerri chandler
21 pocket piano by kink
22 give it by x-press 2


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