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Andrea Fiorino Mastermix is a 60 minutes long mix show presented by one of the most renowned Czech house music DJs and broadcast on almost 40 radio stations worldwide.

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Cover poem (haiku) by Roma ♥

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1 Running Out (Angelo Ferreri Glitter Mix) by Angelo Ferreri & Moon Rocket feat. LauMii
2 I Can Feel It by Ian Carrera
3 Nobody Else by Peter Brown
4 Trompeta (Jay Vegas Remix) by Jay Vegas & Ridney
5 Feel The Vibe by Martin Ikin vs Astrotrax feat. Shola Phillips
6 We Got A Love by Risk Assessment feat. DJ Romain
7 Turn The Horn Upside Down by Lenny Fontana
8 Southside (DJ Mark Brickman Remix) by Ridney
9 Another Heartache by Nick Hussey & Jamie Van Goulden
10 I Love The Way You Make Me Feel by Trimtone
11 The One by Pat Bedeau feat. Hannah Khemoh
12 Do I Do by Micky More & Andy Tee feat. Angela Johnson
13 Lovely Day by Mijangos, Pako Rubio, Melissa Munster