351 one month ago
Back in 92/93 I listened to pirate stations , Don FM , Flex , Kool FM
This mix has a few of the Choons I remember getting played from back then. This is a really nostalgic time for me. I wanted to create the vibe me and my mates had sitting in a bedroom , smoking soap bar and drinking old English cider . Like many of us did at 16 years old .
The beginning of the mix isn't as tight as I'd liked but it gets better , so stick with it and I hope you enjoy that pirate radio vibe.


1 Breakdown by Higher octave
2 Get busy cru by Scott & keith
3 Mindwreck (fusion mix) by DMS
4 Feeling horny by Double dipped
5 Twisted bungle by S.M.F.
6 Kiss biscuit by Mo2vation
7 The box opened (bedroom in space) by Human being
8 Mel'o murder by Bay b kane
9 Paragone remix by International rude boyz
10 Rollin deep..in the realm of the purple diamond (Andy c and Danny breaks mix) by The noise of art
11 Suspension of disbelief by From a man like the pennywise
12 Palomino by Smith Inc
13 Something I feel by Lemon D
14 Take control by Bizzy b & D lux
15 Snowball by The trip
16 Flammable by Johnny jungle
17 Dark secrets (wishdokt's mash up mix by Rotating heads


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