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Ces and the City PODCAST 45::: Tech Cessions "Glow"

"Glow" A non-stop, club banging mix of Tech House & Techno! Fast, Loud, Techy! 
What up Haz!

Style: Tech House, Techno

Mixed by: Cession Daventport (DJ Cession)

01 The Treble (Original Mix)*Middath
02 Groove Nation (Original Mix)*Detlef x Green Velvet
03 Rock the Beat (Original Mix)*Funk X Rish
04 Ra & Really Was (Ra Original Mix)*Mant
05 He Does Do It (Original Mix)*Leonardo Gonnelli
06 Stronger (Medasen Remix)*Next Door But One
07 Techno (Not Techno) (Solardo Remix)*Will Clarke, Bot
08 Pressure (Heed) (Original Mix)*Flam Department
09 Chicago (Latmun Remix)*Roland Clark & Simion
10 Patchy (Eastside Mix)*Shakecraft ft Elektra
11 Cores (Radio Versio)*Tom Keller ft Nikki Luchese

*THIS MIX IS FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY*All Ces and the City PODCAST are for promotional use only
*Music & Images copyright c the respective artist*



1 The Treble (Original Mix) by Middath
2 Groove Nation (Original Mix) by Detlef and Green Velvet
3 Rock the Beat (Original Mix) by Funk X Rish
4 Ra & Really Was (Ra Original Mix) by Mant
5 He Does Do It (Original Mix) by Leonardo Gonnelli
6 Stronger (Medasen Remix) by Next Door But One
7 Techno (Not Techno) (Solardo Remix) by Will Clarke, Bot
8 Pressure (Heed) (Original Mix) by Flam Department
9 Chicago (Latmun Remix) by Roland Clark & Simion
10 Patchy (Eastside Mix) by Shakecraft ft. Elektra
11 Cores (Radio Versio) by Tom Keller ft Nikki Luchese



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