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Florida - United States
Deejay Shan began his artistic career in his youth playing bass guitar. After finishing music school, he joined a rock band in which he was a featured soloist.He then set out to fulfill a long-term goal and established a recording studio, in which he worked for years and also learned the art of mastering. In order to put on concerts and shows,Deejay Shan acquired full professional sound and lighting systems. He also worked as an installer of sound and light systems for many clubs and venues, helping to him to fully master such systems. Subsequently, he managed and equipped many festivals and shows. Currently,Deejay Shan is the resident DJ at the Florida Club. His favorite style is House, but he is constantly seeking out new and experimental sounds, styles and genres. His live sets attract many musicians and performers. Over the course of his career,Deejay Shan also opened a number of bars and clubs that became popular nightlife spots.   All new sets are here now 

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fonfette 30 September 2012

Super sound! It put it to download! Thanks in advance! ;-)

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DEEJAY-SHAN 26 October 2011

Thank you!!!

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deejayvansmith 25 October 2011

Very good! Nice tone:)