126 one year ago
Another mix from my 2016 to 19 collection. I have 50 plus mixes of that volume. dropped 2 tunes from this mix. I just cant go along with that cheesy synth sound. Just dont sound right sorry.
Some of these choons are awesome. the mix does it too.
I was going to give all my stuff away except one of my laptops. Controlers, choons 1000's in wav. loads of unknowns and whites. promos. I'll sell for reasonable price. Give it away to charity.
Too many choons to mention. all old skool, house, liquid, dnb, jungle, hardcore etc.. loads of Dub's reggae too.
Pic Ripping tool. Audio cleaning lab. Best out of the 100's i've tested.


1 I Got You (ft. Zarah) by Alibi & Disaszt
2 Hibernation by Speedwagon & Mr. Emvee
3 Memoirs (Sizzlebird Remix) by Rameses B
4 Memories Of Now by Breakshift
5 Only You (feat. Synth) by Roebuck
6 Signs (Edit) by Namaste ft. Tiana Khasi
7 Sleeping Giant by Bcee & Blu Mar Ten
8 Some Of Us by Unknown Artist
9 Swan Song (Calibre Remix) by Dua Lipa
10 The Experience (EGZOD Remix) by CloZee & Laura Hahn
11 The Vibe Is Comin feat MC Fats by DJ Patife and David WS
12 Too Bad by Altazer
13 Trust Lust (The Upbeats Remix) by Submotion Orchestra
14 Voices (Maduk Remix) by Booij
15 Weather Change by Lurch
16 Whom I Belong (Place 2b Remix) by Paperclip
17 You by Breaknoise
18 Beating Heart (Dexcell Remix) by Ellie Goulding
19 Jungle Jam by Redeyes, Soul:Motion & Vector
20 Cinnamon (Hybrid Minds Remix) by Jome
21 Deeply Down by Antony G
22 God Only Knows by High Contrast
23 Burst (ft. Dan Moss) (Calibre Remix) by SpectraSoul
24 Darlin by Queensway
25 Addict by Calibre
26 Bayu Bayu by Receptor & Maximova


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