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Hey guys, This is a Tribal mix that I did in 2018-19 ish. Some Tracks from Tribalistic.
This mix is directly from my soul. If you listen to it with headphones you will hear why? I had to re do this last night, took nearly 3 hours because the original was another corrupted one, due to hard disk failure, which I mentioned in another comment (discription). Please read the comments because in each one. I reveal parts of my Journey and I'll tell you, what a journey? The mix starts with a pick me up tune, Then it goes deeper and deeper and deeper. (Uplifing in a deep sense). This is me? the mix? You guys' DJ's, producers, who are tuned into Frequency's and sounds, you know what I'm rabbling about, lol. Ahh! Heaven!
Most of my sets, I used to get applaused, people looking watching me as I was in the mix. A crowd behind me watching. (Watch Energy Rave Part 1 Effingham on youtube 6 mins 40 sec. you can hear the people that's watching behind, and the crowd shouting. "Hard, Hard, as I'm smashing it with the Slider. (Known Drum and Bass DJ, Copied my style, still uses it today. Big up ya chest Nige Love you Brother).Thats another reason I dont do any fancy mixing, like i used to. It's from the SOUL. I'm trying to explain what I'm about. Back in the day. I was booked on some Raves, Some didn't like this little white guy smashing it up. They would not let me on? If you know Paul from Ibiza records. He was doing some big things like in Kings Cross, Ladbrooke grove. The bus station at Ladbrooke Grove, there were so many DJ's they had to change times from 1 hour to 45 mins. Paul was running the DJ scaffold stage. Ok, it's my turn., started warming up then bang! everyone just going for it. what I remember, the next DJ kept bugging me about it's his Time. Paul kept coming up and saying to the guy. Leave him alone! (me) Because the place was rocking, when i went on it went up a few knotches. He still kept bugging me to come off, Paul kept telling him "Leave him alone" All i can remember the guy dissapeared. lol. (Respect to the DJ i cant remember who he was?) I knew most of the Dj's back then. Plus some of the DJ's I didn't know wouldn't go on after I went on? That was a good alldayer. I tell you what if you were a racist' it didn't matter because, when the bus station shut down, they used it for Coal storage. it was cleaned out, but there was still dust over the floor. So everyone dancing managed to disturb the dust and ended up turning Black! Serious it was so funny. I wish that someone who was there with a camera, reads this! I'd love to see pictures. Anyone who is still in contact Paul ask him. Those memories. I treasure. Because, they were the happy day's. Never, ever, any trouble. NO DIVISION, NO HATRED.
Anyway guy's. Check out the mix. i'll upload a few more before my Journey ends.
Peace and Love to you all.
The Pic is from my Gold Labeled Tapes, using my Fostex 4 chan tape. Back in the day. I do have The Raw audio and Flac if you want it, just ask. It's free.
Also i dont know what codec they use when uploaded but the Raw version you can pitch up the mix without issues if you like it faster (does sound good) Mixed how it should be. JUST LISTEN.


1 Blac Tears by Incorrect Code
2 LaTique by African Ebenezer (Rare Touch)
3 Samlas by On a Sunday (Themetique Remix)
4 Jasons Afro House Connection by Salsanova (Dub Mix)
5 Dung Beetle Music by Immortal
6 Tipsta by Listen to Your Heart (Blizzard Beats Deep Fusion Vocal Mix)
7 Hypaphonik by Boncilashe
8 Zilla by Umkhondo
9 Dany Cohiba by The Sound of Gods
10 Emoxion by Future
11 Afro Swanky by Kususa
12 Claude9 Morupisi by Kurasu (Tribute to Baaba Maal) (Rework)
13 Techno Bros by S.T.A.Y
14 Afro Swanky by Nomahelele (Afro Tech Mix)
15 PolBack Btz by Tornado (One Year Later)
16 Exo by Ubizo
17 Blaq Tronic by Bayede
18 HappySoul SA by Black Jungle
19 DJ Frankie Paradise by Dont Change
20 PolBack Btz by Air Force
21 DJ Damiloy Daniel by Modo
22 Gabi Newman by Sagüera
23 Rishi Bass by Twisted Afrique


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