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One of my Early Uk breaks, DnB, Hardcore mixtape set. Remastered. Magix audio cleaning lab. I have loads of different style mixes from the 80's upwards, I couldn't tell you how many I have. Not one of them is shit though. I love it, dont matter what I use. I started at school with Studio 1, king tubby sounds, with a kopy kat echo. Garrard deck.
messing about. My first proper mix was with a FX tape deck 4 chanel & pitch and a JVC Belt Drive sheet Deck. Buying a £750 1200 x 2 would have left a massive hole in my pocket then. You are chatting about £3.500 to £4000 now. The mix worked though, got me in the door. From their I had some of the best times of my life. And I made a family from it too. i mix Old School, Jungle techno, 90's Tribal House, I didn't know what direction to go in. Tribal or jungle tech. The pirates sorted that one out. Trance 105.4 fm My brother took it over started smashing it around London and counties. The Hotknife. He did all the work, i had young family. Torn. Trance FM Not the music the MIND. More to come.


1 Undercover Movement by Acieed Riddims
2 Code 071 by London Somting
3 Undercover Movement by Drop the Bass
4 Citadel of Kaos by Ronnies Revenge
5 New Decade by Ruff
6 Citadel of Kaos by Urbanity
7 Vicious House by Vicious House
8 Multicore by True Techno Gangster
9 Manix by Alright Wit Me
10 Hackney Hardcore by Rave Scene '94
11 JJC by Let Your Body Go
12 DJ KP by In the Jungle
13 Addiction by Jump
14 Undercover Movement by Warning
15 Optical Haze by Wonderful Experience
16 Citadel of Koas by Alpha 1
17 China White by High & Dry
18 China White by Move Your Body
19 DJ Ivan by Devil Worship
20 Multicore by Hardfloor
21 Ecology by Take Me Higher
22 M.D.EMM by Energy Rush
23 Mike Slammer & DJ Red Alert by In Effect
24 Holdtight by Holdtight
25 DJ Force & Evolution by Twelve Midnight
26 Mike Slammer & DJ Red Alert(Remix) by Ruff


DJ Criss Angel
DJ Criss Angel

Yeah sorry pic from Raindance set the picture cinema place, in Elephant and Castle. London