233 3 years ago

Here's the latest installment of The Sound Of Deepness with some new tracks, old tracks and remixes. Enjoy :D


1 Turn Me On feat. Ayanda (Deep Fusion Mix) by Blizzard Beats
2 Rising (Original Mix) by Stan Soul
3 Converting (Original Mix) by Sigother
4 Soul Vibes (Original Mix) by Roman Depthsound
5 Hi Meeting (Original Mix) by Gonzalo Frey,Gus Bonani
6 Such a Blonde (Original Mix) by Fuente,Tito Mike
7 Shiva (Original Mix) by DJ Wabbit
8 Highlands (Ben Böhmer Remix) by Ben Bohmer,Studio Rauschenberg
9 Earthshine (Original Mix) by Ste Cunliffe
10 You And Piano (Dub mix) by Bunny House
11 Inside (Original Mix) by Gus Bonani
12 I Love You (Original Mix) by Rob Evs
13 Angel (Original Mix) by Johan Mila
14 MTF Beat (Original Mix) by Eddy M
15 Burnt (Deep Surprise)(Original Mix) by Tzesar Get
16 Echoes (Placidic Dream Remix) by Eaze,Placidic Dream,Rampus
17 Jay Soprano Round & Round (Original Mix) by S
18 Heaven (Original Mix) by The Chmil
19 Radiate (Original Mix) by Yotto
20 Wonderland (Original mix) by Super Natural
21 Die for U (Original Mix) by Bobby Deep



Sweet selection 😎