213 2 years ago
Back with another mix (in lockdown) This episode we the usual
deep/melodic with breaks for the last part. Watch out for episode 9
coming soon!!


1 L'amour et la violence (Original Mix) by Sebastien Tellier
2 Andromeda (Original Mix) by Jody Wisternoff
3 We Are (Kamilo Sanclemente & Mauro Aguirre Remix) by Rona (IL)
4 The Blind Navigator (Extended Mix) by Kasper Koman
5 13 Voices (Extended Mix) by Hana, Durante
6 Aletella (Original Mix) by Thimble
7 Starting Up the Machine (Original Mix) by Noraj Cue
8 The Reprieve (Original Mix) by Arash Shadram, Sophijan
9 Pele (Original Mix) by Hannes Bieger
10 Oriental Tale (Original Mix) by Max Wexem, Amaton
11 Karman Line (Original Mix) by Abstrakted
12 Creature feat. Underspreche (Extended Version) by Henri Bergmann
13 Hurt Me (Original Mix) by Cinthie
14 Poem for the Planet Feat. Ursula Rucker (Original Mix) by Hannes Bieger
15 Paralelograma (Original Mix) by Rodyy
16 Empty Soul (Original Mix) by Paride Saraceni
17 Visual Dreams (Original Mix) by Ron Goos
18 Antimony (Original Mix) by Feirn Laun
19 You Want It (Original Mix) by Zvonovski
20 Run Run Run (Marek Hemmann Remix) by Yeah But No
21 Come Together (Original Mix) by Franky Wah
22 New Chance (Original Mix) by Nosk
23 Just Hold On (Sub Focus x Wilkinson) by Sub Focus, Wilkinson
24 Overrun (feat. Dj Aurika) (Breaks Version) by The Max, Dj Aurika
25 I Get Old (Original Mix) by Bad Legs
26 Make My Day (Original Mix) by Brothers Of Funk
27 Sunglasses (ODM Remix) by Face & Book
28 High Performance (Original Mix) by Alter Form, Dre Hectic
29 Street Cred (Original Mix) by Malvito
30 Yesteryear (Original Mix) by Disperto Certain
31 Strobophobe (Original Mix) by MINItanks


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