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A Newark, NJ native and now one of Pittsburgh's HOTTEST DJs as well as a nationally recognized figure in the HipHop/DJ industry, and a master in ALL genres of music. 30 years and counting in the game and NOT ready to quit just yet. Too many credits to my name to list, but Google me and see just who it is you are dealing with. NO SLOUCH HERE!!! A member of the M.O.S., W.R.A.T.H. Entertainment, HomiGang, Fam4Life Ent., Ice Cold Ent., Grind Hard DJs and 3 Boys From Newark Prod. I am the ORIGINAL DJ Wyld Chyld (there are a few imitators and perpetrators, but none of them compares to MOI!!!) Come holla at ya boy and let's have some fun!!!

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BMC1 Thursday, December 6, 2012

Check out my new mix and let me know what you think!!!