218 2 months ago

A little crate digging trip as I play some hard house tunes I acquired in the previous decade. Enjoy! :)


1 Honey Child (Original Mix) by Rob Tissera, Ozy, Kye Shand
2 Down With It (Original Mix) by Big D, Audio Hedz
3 Gimme Freedom (Original Mix) by Audox, General Bounce
4 Release Me (Original Mix) by Audio Hedz
5 La Revolution (Original Mix) by Brickenden DJ's
6 Ready 4 This (Original Mix) by Charlie Bosh
7 Walking Out That Door by Kye Shand
8 Massive Banger (BK's GoHard Remix) by Sam Townend, Klubfiller
9 Freefall (Technikal Remix) by Chris C
10 Sirens (Original Mix) by Jim Morris
11 The Flare (Original Mix) by Dan Diamond, Alf Graham
12 Crack Haus (Original Mix) by Nikkdbubble, Rick James
13 Dirt Droid (Original Mix) by Hard Jeli
14 Bumble Bee (Original Mix) by Base Graffiti
15 Cookie Crisp (Original Mix) by Dan Dyson
16 Freak Right Out (Nik Denton Remix) by Nik Denton
17 Weird & Wonderful (Original Mix) by Leon Allen, Gary O'Connor
18 Action (Original Mix) by Ian M, Dark Element
19 Mushroom Jelly! (Original Mix) by Rick James