81 one month ago

Back with some hard techno. Enjoy! :)


1 This Is Raw Motherfucker by Coyu
2 Nitric Acid by Marco Ginelli
3 So Wie Es Sein Muss by Andreas Kraemer, Shadym
4 Set it Off by Ayako Mori, Shadym
5 Alox Bangin In The Back by X
6 Träume by ArchivOne
7 Carbon Black by Perc, Slam
8 Pentagrammus Decepticus by Ordrorir
9 Dominique by Diøn
10 Bad Seduction by Nico Moreno, DYEN
11 Anathema by Seventh Sea
12 Endorphin (Regal Spitfire Remix) by Crossfaith, Regal
13 We Are The Betrayed by NN
14 Mad Fire by CELEC
15 Be Damned (Toxic D.N.A Remix) by Marco Ginelli
16 Yugen by Disruption
17 Polar Inertia by KaioBarssalos
18 Safe As Fuck by Perc
19 Technologist by Luix Spectrum, Marco Ginelli
20 Pursuers by Raito
21 Schizophrenia by SGARRA
22 Fire In My Body by SveTec
23 Never Be A Memory by EAS
24 Apocalipsis En Burzaco by Looper
25 Dopeman (Ayako Mori Remix) by No Neim
26 Don't Do It Like That by REIGHT