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How do you like your breakbeats? I like mine hard, fast & funky with a heavy dose of Bass. 
I like when the banging kick drums & tweekin' hi-hats generate sonic vibrations emanating from the pulsating subwoofers... 
Only then can I truly feel the music. These BEATS are Boomin'! This breakbeat mix contains slammin' beats & pumpin' bass. 
Adjust your levels now or risk serious speaker damage! A TICKING TIMEBOMB WITH A SHORT FUSE... 
Da Freshmaka Is Gonna Make It Go BOOM! BOOM!

A new mix series with the 2nd installment continuing where the last BEAT series left off. 
Remember "Beat Goes On [Breaks & Bass Mix #1]", "Sucka' Beats [Breaks & Bass Mix #2]
& "These Beats Will Make U BOUNCE [Breaks & Bass Mix #3]"; ok Bitches, here we go again. 
Even more hard & heavy beats bombarding your boomin' systems with each & every beat drop.

Your feedback is always welcomed.
I hope U like, fav or leave a comment.
Enjoy the music & support the artists.
Peace, Love & Respect Breakbeat!!!


1 On The Floor by Curtis B & Rob Analyze
2 BRZL (Original Mix) by Bombo Rosa
3 Tear the Roof Off [Wizard vs. PYRAMID Remix] by Wizard, PYRAMID
4 The Nasty! (Original Mix) by Hate N Beanz
5 Bounce (Original Mix) by Funk U
6 Got That 808 (Original Mix) by DJ Fixx
7 Boom (Original Mix) by Double on the Rocks
8 Seven Nation Army (Diatomic Remix) by The White Stripes
9 Get A Grip (Kid Digital Remix) by Blacklist, UniVsol
10 This Beat by Agent K
11 ZOOM (Original Mix) by DJ Icey
12 Sh!t Goes Down (Original Mix) by Agent K
13 Keep Hope Alive (Peter Paul Remix) by The Crystal Method
14 Stereo Solution (Original Mix) by Aggresivnes
15 Evolution (Kuplay Remix) by SevenG
16 Boom (Original Mix) by Mutantbreakz
17 Streets & Beats (Original Mix) by PLACENTA
18 Puff Puff Pass (Original Mix) by DJ Fixx, Keith Mackenzie
19 We Get Crunk (Original Mix) by Agent K
20 Baduka by Marten Horger
21 Shake It Naughty 2K15 (Original Mix) by DJ Fixx
22 Bubble 2 Da Bass (Original Mix) by Pyramid, Wizard, feat. Miss Trouble
23 DroppinBowz by DJ RawCut ®
24 SHOOM (Original Mix) by DJ Icey
25 Garden of Eden (Original Mix) by Myshell
26 I Wanna Rock (Kuplay Remix) by ilLegal Content
27 Do Ya Wanna Get Funky With Me (Original Mix) by Wes Smith
28 Shake (Original Mix) by Anonyms
29 Nusle Hustle (Original Mix) by Mesmer
30 Break It (Colombo Remix) by Electric Draft