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16th Mixtape Of 2023!

Here Comes That Summer Vibe

Big Beats, Big Bass & Big Vocals

Rockin' Tha Funky Beats, Droppin' Electro Bass

Bangin' Piano Breaks & Bringin' Da Hardcore Noise

Pure Energy Breakbeat In The Mixxx (Da FRESH Style)

Feel The Love, The Passion & The Rhythm

Da FRESH presents: Good ViBREAKtions 2k23 :-)

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Peace, Love & Respect The Vibe & Feel The Bass !!!


1 Marrakech (Original Mix) by DJ Nitro, Ondamike
2 Good Vibrations (2023 ReWrk) by Ondamike
3 Lafayette (Original Mix) by Keith Mackenzie
4 Believe Me (Extended Mix) by Ondamike
5 The Joint (Original Mix) by Mizzo
6 Briccio (Original Mix) by Deekembeat, Madamdee
7 Go Down (Keith Mackenzie Remix) by Eveningperple
8 Wise & Smart (Rasco & Perfect Kombo Remix) by Dark Angel, Baymont Bross, Javo Scratch
9 Bad Bass (Original Mix) by Basstyler, Bad Legs
10 Warpdrive (Original Mix) by LOR (US)
11 It Takes Scoop (VIP Mix) by Ondamike, Mark Vee
12 Lovin' You (Original Mix) by Mizzo
13 Passion (Brothers Of Funk VS Analog Hustlers Remix) by Brothers Of Funk, K5, Analog Hustlers
14 Time Out (Original Mix) by Shift+X
15 Feel The Energy (Original Mix) by Hankook, GreenFlamez
16 Frequency Clear (Original Mix) by CODE BREAKERZ
17 Adieu (Original Mix) by Disaffected
18 Drop It (Original Mix) by Nosk
19 (TrypleD) Locura Maxima (Original Mix) by SevenG, Basstyler, Bad Legs
20 Eclipse (Original Mix) by Maceo Rivas, Exency, Oldbeat
21 Allanhil 1984 (Hankook & Macho Remix) by The Darrow Chem Syndicate
22 Moove (Original Mix) by Destroyers
23 Feel The Funktion (Original Mix) by Disaffected
24 Groovin' (Original Mix) by Dub Elements


Alex Rossi
Alex Rossi

Lit! Thank you.

G Money Dog
G Money Dog

Nice beatz n soundz🤘