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Mix #10 Of 2022!

Thumpin' House & Bumpin' Bass + Bouncin' 808 Electro Basslines... 

2nd Bangin Mash Up Mix Of Heavy Bass + Electro Beats

Bass House & Electro House In The Mixxx (Da FRESH Style)


Da FRESH presents: Houze Of Bangerz 2022 :-)

More Houze Bangerz @houze-of-bangerz-2k21

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Peace, Love & Respect Bass In Da Houze !!!


1 Tokyo Drift (Original Mix) by Jenil, FLSHBNG
2 To The Top (Extended Mix) by Titus, Fatman Scoop, BIGMOO
3 Let It Drop (Original Mix) by LOOZBONE
4 Hot in Here (Öwnboss Remix) (Extended Mix) by Steff Da Campo
5 Bounce That (Extended Mix) by Agus Zack, Navigh, Revealed Recordings
6 Resurrected (Original Mix) by Kaleena Zanders
7 It's Tricky (Extended Mix) by Oomloud
8 Rocking (Extended Mix) by Welker, INNDRIVE
9 Fiesta Loca (Extended Mix) by Klaas
10 Bass (How Low Can You Go) (Typ Vhs Extended Remix) by Milk & Sugar, Simon Harris
11 Get Funky (Extended Mix) by Stin Corner, Lukas Vane
12 Get Down (Extended Mix) by Blines
13 Funkatron (Extended Mix) by Robbie Rivera, Cat Dealers
14 Bass Rock (Original Mix) by SixThema, SKINSHIP (KOR)
15 My Rhythm (Extended Mix) by David Herrlich
16 Disco Nights (Original Mix) by Diverse Bind
17 gettin' hott (Extended) by Knock2
18 Freaky (Extended Mix) by Mr.M, Miguel Magri
19 Let's Go (Original Mix) by House Anatomy
20 Surdose (Original Mix) by Tony Romera, Joey Valence
21 LET'S ROCK (Extended Mix) by Retrovision
22 The Elements (Extended Mix) by Bsno
23 Welcome To The Future (Extended Mix) by Raven & Kreyn, BIGMOO, jeonghyeon
24 Get Up and Go (Extended Mix) by Niiko x SWAE
25 We Like to Party (Extended Mix) by Puller, Mastachi
26 Bananza (Belly Dancer) (Original Mix) by VLTRA (IT)



sick set AWESOME

Da Freshmaka
Da Freshmaka

The corrupted file @ 58:30 has been corrected with a new upload.

Da Freshmaka
Da Freshmaka

Please Listen & Enjoy !!! :-)