27 12 days ago
Had the best night on Friday. Thanks to everyone for coming down. Here is a little mix I made from my USB history. It moves pretty quickly from downtempo to 123 bpm deep house.

1. The Groovers - Where You Belong
2. Outstanding (Original 12_ Mix)
3. Luvless - Down With You Baby
4. Luvless - In My Arms
5. Session Victim, Iron Curtis - Abalone (Gerd Janson Edit)
6. Kim Anh - Shadows (Original Mix)
7. OddXperienc & KVRVBO - Save The Trip
8. St Germain - Rose Rouge (Original Mix)
9. Kuniyuki - Newwave-Project-#2-(Album-Edit)
10. FCL - Let's Go (Original Mix)
11. Stanccione - Another House Track (Original Mix)
12. James Jacob, Kelli-Leigh, T. Williams - The Remedy (Extended Mix)
13. Crazy_P - Heartbreaker
14. Pnau - Mellotron
15. Hatterman - Love Somebody
16. DJ CLASH - Breaking my Clash
17. Mall Grab - Can't
18. Jaimy & Kenny D - Keep On Touching Me (Red Carpet Remix)
19. Nami Shimada - Sunshower (Instrumental)
20. Kerri Chandler vs Nina Simone - Be My Husband


1 Where You Belong by The Groovers
2 outstanding by the gap band
3 Down With You Baby by Luvless
4 In My Arms by Luvless
5 Abalone (Gerd Janson Edit) by Session Victim, Iron Curtis
6 Shadows (Original Mix) by Kim Anh
7 Save The Trip by OddXperienc & KVRVBO
8 Rose Rouge (Original Mix) by St Germain
9 NewwaveProject#2(AlbumEdit) by Kuniyuki
10 Let's Go (Original Mix) by FCL
11 Another House Track (Original Mix) by Stanccione
12 Leigh, T. Williams The Remedy (Extended Mix) by James Jacob, Kelli
13 Heartbreaker by Crazy_P
14 Mellotron by Pnau
15 Love Somebody by Hatterman
16 Breaking my Clash by DJ CLASH
17 Can't by Mall Grab
18 Keep On Touching Me (Red Carpet Remix) by Jaimy & Kenny D
19 Sunshower (Instrumental) by Nami Shimada
20 Be My Husband by Kerri Chandler vs Nina Simone


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