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This Is A Mix Recorded, Especially For, For OldskoolSundays Guest Mix!! Using Some Of The Tunes That Influenced My Decision To Get Into House Music In The Beginning, Back In The Late 80's, These Tracks Are From 1987-1990!!!
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TONY-D Wednesday, September 14, 2011

playing again while i do the review i said i would earlier so many of these tunes takes me right back to my heddy doubt the same for you aswel i suppose as we are near the same age.big fun along with chime by orbital are my all time favourite house records.pure class then as they are now.this mix for me ticks many boxes.the tunes used,the way you mixed them etc .some old tunes from this era arnt the easiest to mix but you did a very good job with them dave.doug lazy tune fecking wicked .great job

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