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Although everyone seems to only remember their hit "The King of Wishful Thinking", Go West had a few other pretty sweet tracks as well. "We Close Our Eyes" and my favorite "Eye to Eye" were two other great songs off their self titled debut album back in 1985..

About 3 years ago I did a very simple mix of this song, but it was rough in every way possible. So I went back and revisited it.
Took the really cool "Indiscriminate Mix" and gave it the Intro/Outro it sorely needed. Moved around some parts, enhanced the kick and snare (but not so much as to overwhelm the track) and locked the tempo at 164 BPM.
A great song for an 80's New Wave/High Energy set for sure!

......Enjoy!! :)

Edit Info:
Time: 6:08
BPM: 164
Intro: 64 Beats
Outro: 64 Beats
End: Cold
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Go West - Call Me (Digital Visions Re Edit) - low resolution preview
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