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I had an acquaintance that recently question me. Well,... it was more like a statement than a question. LOL
Knowing we, kinda just met...(meaning we were just talking... here or there
about different things,) nothing much even though I wanted to be friends.
Maybe even a little more,...(because she is a gorgeous redhead even though she sucks at being that good looking right now- which is just an opinion of mine, that's all-)....but..anyway,... it was just a start to what is now completely nothing and at that time, too soon to gauge anything in those particular moments. At those times of talking with her, I felt pretty comfortable. She listened, (at least I thought she did)  and I shared certain views and little of myself and vice versa like two consenting adults....Cool?  Right? (I mean, everything has to start some where, huh?) 
Even, and I say even ...Friendship. 
She made comments later about me over the phone that said a lot about her.
First thing Is... she doesn't listen very well. 

I said...
"Sometimes I DJ. work on mixes. You know? Music? it's My hobby right now. 
It could turn to something bigger or better later...Who knows?" 
I hope you ladies and gents enjoy this 59 minute piece 

I'll be back with another mix. : )

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Enoch300 Sunday, February 2, 2020

Optional to change Digital Black huh ? Name is original which is mine anyway so I go by Enoch300 now ha ha love ya huh? PLUR

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