132 one year ago
2 hours with the best from LANE 8 
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tracklist : 

Apes & Children
Road (with Arctic Lake) (Dirty South Remix)
Out Of Sight (with Hexlogic)
Bluebird (with Anderholm)
How Often (with Kauf) (Just Her Remix)
Diamonds (with Solomon Grey)
Every Night
Don't Let Me Go (with Arctic Lake)
Let Me (with Avoure)
Roll Call (with Anderholm)
Skin & Bones (Local Dialect Remix)
Aba (Luttrell Extended Mix)
In My Arms
Keep On
The Rope (With POLIÇA)(Anderholm Remix)
Buggy (With Yotto)
Matcha Mistake (With Kidnap)
Oh Miles (With Julia Church)
Is This Our Earth
Little By Little (Lane 8 Rework)
Bear Hug
Brightest Lights (Isme Remix)
And We Knew It Was Our Time (With Massane)
Under My Skin
Run (With Kasablanca)
Shooting Arrows (With POLIÇA)
Shatter (With OTR)
Sunday Song (Rylan Taggart Remix)


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