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Tracklist :: 
Hosini & Jones Meadow - 8 Hours, Still No Rain
Anrey - We Are the Mirrors (Extended Mix)
EDX - Vommuli (Extended Mix)
Monolink - Don't Hold Back (Extended Mix)
Monophase (IT) - Night Walk
Nambeh - Sacred Heart (Yamagucci Remix)
Rachel Raw & Krüger+Meyer - Buzzer (BOHO Remix)
PLSNT - Chasing Sunsets
Opposite Ways – Tension (Original Mix)
Nors Kode - Lu
Neal Porter & Ben Muetsch - Kaibo
Maor Levi feat. Roel - Doors (Extended Mix)


1 8 Hours, Still No Rain by Hosini & Jones Meadow
2 We Are the Mirrors (Extended Mix) by Anrey
3 Vommuli (Extended Mix) by EDX
4 Don't Hold Back (Extended Mix) by Monolink
5 Night Walk by Monophase (IT)
6 Sacred Heart (Yamagucci Remix) by Nambeh
7 Buzzer (BOHO Remix) by Rachel Raw & Krüger+Meyer
8 Chasing Sunsets by PLSNT
9 Tension (Original Mix) by Opposite Ways
10 Lu by Nors Kode
11 Kaibo by Neal Porter & Ben Muetsch
12 Doors (Extended Mix) by Maor Levi feat. Roel