628 7 years ago


Firstly, Thanks for coming by to check out the mix..

This is, as you can see, a 27 track, '92 / '93 Hardcore & Jungle mix featuring tracks and remixes from M&M, Static Substance, Dj Seduction, Tango, Krome & Time, Rhythm For Reasons, Dj Slam and Many Many More..

As always, it was recorded in 1 take with no planning beforehand whatsoever and does include a few dodgy mixes..

Hopefully you'll enjoy it so please listen listen to it and share it as you feel..




Awww man every time I play this mix the sun comes out shining brighter than Simon Cowel's teeth !!! Great set packed with top end old skool tracks. Apart from a scrappy mix out of 'In complete darkness' the mixing is good. Nice smooth and happy vibe to this set. Good work man thanks for the listen : )


Thanks very much for the feedback mate, greatly appreciated. Tis a scrappy mix coming out of In Complete Darkness, I didnt re record the mix though cus it's how it would of been if it were live in a club.. Please keep coming back to listen to any other mixes on here now or future ones..