1062 11 years ago
Just over an hour of '92 / '93 Hardcore featuring 24 tracks & remixes which were tearing up the dancefloors of the big Raves in Warehouses and Clubs back in the day..


1 Vol # III > AA Side by Dj Phantasy
2 A Side by The Energizer
3 Vol #1 by Djs Unite
4 A Trip To Trumpton > The Trumpton Remix by Urban Hype
5 Sued For A Sample by Timelapse
6 AA Side by The Energer
7 Dj Business by Mystery Man
8 Voice Of Buddha by Aurora
9 A Side by Energizer #2
10 Compnded by Edge #1
11 Time Of Our Lives by Devious D
12 A Side by Energizer #3
13 Let Me See You Move > Stu Allan '93 Mix by Visa
14 Drumstruck by N Joi
15 A Touch Of Darkness by Dj Lee
16 Sub Dub by Dj Seduction
17 Intrigue by Tango & Fallout
18 Music In Search Of Light > Dj SS & EQ Remix by Rhythm For Reasons
19 Pennywise > Mickey Finn & Bay B Kane Remix by Neuromancer
20 Panic > Dj Druid Remix by Force Mass Motion
21 Ruff by D Force
22 AA Side by SMD #2
23 Obsession ( Musics So Wonderful ) > Wishdokta Remix by Dj Vibes
24 Ten 44 by Freestyle & DJR



very nice indeed. i like the djs unite mix over energizer megamix.was refreshing to hear energizer cut out then as most play till the end.nice to see an old skool mix with more than 20 odd trax.its how ido most of mine too.it shows a lot to get this amount on.good mix rob


keep the good work up


Thanks guys..