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I woke up, 3. AM - the official witching hour, and walked out to look at the crescent moon.  I came back inside after a bit and threw together a mix taking me through all of my genres.

There's house, tech house, electro, and even some Michael Jackson.  Yeah, I wanna be startin' somethin'.



<downloadable upon request>

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Dj Francisc
Dj Francisc Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nice transitions so far . funky! ant min i rlly like the track! not bad at all the transitions have improved:D at 32 min big like! good job! but then a bit sloppy :) i usually like simple mixes of loop, is not bad but it goes a bit ..'omg what is that 36 min ' 37 min and going lets see..seems good..yep good! bit of miss match beats allover but the sound is good overall ! smooth going to 44th min classy here 47 min .. keeping the beat true .. match that beat!.. a bit off.. aaaand 48.46 good ! 49.10 good! good stuff at mi 59!! yeah keeping it good! 61 min !!63 nice track! quite impressive finish! So overall a solid 6 out of 10! Lots of emotions in this mix ! cheers

Draeko Secret Witching Hour mix
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