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Yet more audio debauchery with Marky in the mix as broadcast via WWW.SOULLEGENDSRADIO.COM


Catch us on any Sunday 1 til 3pm UK time for yet more musical mischief at the far side of groove and chill.

Ideal listening for vinyl excavators, beat freaks and serious enthusiasts of the groove as we dig deep to reveal hidden gems lovingly mixed up with timeless classics and some of the best music you've probably never heard.

Perfect for those seeking a break for the norm, this is leftfield chilling custom crafted especially for your Sunday Soundtrack and weekend chilling requirements.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy as we get set to tune in turn on and bliss out with a FRESH new consignment of aural delights ;-)

Use the blog for all historic stuff and contact info;

Lots of track listings, talk free mixes, prior cult movie selections and ACE International recipes for you to try.

Hope to see you Soon!

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