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Welcome aboard for another trip to the far side with some weird and wonderful from the #strangecargo libraries.  Expect the unexpected traversing genres, space, and time to provide you with a left of leftfield, seriously smoking soundtrack from the back of beyond, direct to your lounging spaces.  Includes 30 BONUS (unaired) tracks to help kick start your weekend's chill out antics in fine fettle with our compliments and wishes of a wicked weekend ahead!

Join us next week, same time same place for another portly dose of music as medicine at the place with zero rules, ideal for those seeking a break from the norm and perfect for rockers, ravers, lovers, and grinners from back in the day, looking to kick back and chill, albeit it a little differently.

Do hope you find something to enjoy in here>?

This week's tracklistings:

Max_Cooper-                    |              Reflect
SAMPLE:   Brady Bunch                     |              Mushroom Pasta
Les Fleur                     |              4hero
Professor Longhair                     |              "Big Chief, pt 2" 1964, Watch Records
When I Goosestep                     |              The Shins Wicker Park
Where Evil Grows                     |              The Poppy Family
Cyril Neville - Tell Me What's On your Mind
PREACHING BLUES [UP JUMPED THE DEVIL]        |         ROBERT JOHNSON 2002 - The Rough Guide to Delta Blues
Ten Feet Tall                     |              The Devil Makes Three
Out Of My Hair _-       |                   Stop Beating the Beat (2019)
Dead River (2017)                     |              Coco Hames  
Chaire Eos (2019)                     |              Anatolian Weapons
Le SuperHomard - Maple Key -                     |              05 Dry Salt In Our Hair
Beauty from the Blue Country                     |              Suzanne Vallie
Lloyd Cole '                    |              Downtown'  1990
HtH (2019)                     |              The Tarantula Waltz
Isaac Hayes -                    |              Run Fay Run Kill Bill Vol.1
Save Me                     |              Nina Simone
Hercules.                     |              Aaron Neville
Hot Wheels                     |              Badder Than Evil
SAMPLE:   Deadlist                     |              Dr Evil
DM & Jemini                   |              The only one (Dead Mans Shoes Ost)
Evil Hearted Ada                    |              Shakin' Stevens
Easy Evil                     |              Sarah Vaughan A Time In My Life
Track 16 One Thousand Tears Of A Tarantula                    |              Dengue Fever Presents... Sleep Walking throught the Mekong
SAMPLE:   Panther (1995)          |           A Mario Van Peebles Film   
Sight Unseen, Pt. 2                     |              Marin Paternaude (repitched +12%) 
MARIA LANDO                     |              SUSANA BACA 1996 - The Rough Guide to The Music of The Andes
The_Cleaners_From_Venus                    |              -Mariette
Kuwahara Dreams                    |              D.A.L.I When Haro Met Sally 2018
SAMPLE:   TRICKNOLOGY EP3 : Music, Spirits, and Society                     |              w/ DAYZOFNOAH & Unplugem  
Proem -                     |              Your Grandfather Is Dead Still in my Arms VA
Bill Conti-                    |              Kill Me Kathy  
SAMPLE:   Psychic_TV-                    |              A_Short_Sharp_Taste_Ov_Mistress_Mix
Skit 01 (Skill's Archive 011)                    |              SKILL 2020
Unknown Track                          |                  Unknown Artist
Incontro                      |              Piernicola Di Muro
Shadow of Doubts                        |              Hajime Mizoguchi
Chapelier_Fou-                    |              LEtat_Nain
Bob Ascroft-                    |              Bad Boy
January-upon-Thames                     |              Cavern of Anti Matter In Fabric
In Liverpool                     |              Suzanne Vega
Undressed                     |              Lloyd Cole
Johnny Hawksworth-                    |              Waltz Of The Snowdrops  
Ron Jones-                    |              Let's Deal/Lineman
Johnny Slash                     |              Makes Beats With Vinyl Frontier Gear
The Clock Tower                    |              Hampshire & Foat
Smog      |       Vessel in Vain Dead Mans Shoes  
SAMPLE:   Full Movie | Paddy Considine, Toby Kebbell,  Dead Mans Shoes
BurningTapes - Back Woods BurningTapes PIECES Vol 1 2018
SAMPLE:   Dead Mans Shoes (Gonna send them to space man)
Into Dust Mazzy Star
WIRE DUB                    |              ET MEETS SKIN FLESH AND BONES                     |              2002 - The Rough Guide to Dub
Free_Range-Horror_Flesh                    |              Camry Horses
High Tide On The Sea Of Flesh                     |              Amorphous Androgynous
SAMPLE:   Escape From New York Deleted Original                     |              Opening "Remastered" (Plus Alternate Takes)
Escape From The Catacombs                     |              The Sorcerers In Search Of The Lost City Of The Monkey God 2020
Roots Manuva                     |              1 Hope ( Part 2 In the Flesh Mix )
Tumbaloflesicodelicomicoso                     |              Celia Cruz 2005 - The Rough Guide to Boogalo Vol.1
Chelles                     |              Dj Fleg
Benjamin Gordon - Reflections, Edits & Flips -                     |               43 Chromeo Ft. Solange Knowles - When The Night Falls (IAMBENJI Remix)
Steve Gray Feat. Kara Noble-                     |              Flesh
A_Split_Second-                     |              Flesh
Start                     |              The Sunshine Underground
Walkin' On Sunshine Original 12 inch Version 1982                     |              Rockers Revenge
Yellow Sunshine                     |              Yellow Sunshine
Sunshine Of Your Love  Cream
Mountain                      |              Sunshine Theatre
Song For Sunshine Belle and Sebastian                     |              The Life Pursuit 2006
Everybody Loves The Sunshine                     |              Roy Ayers Ubiquity
Got Sunshine In My Eyes                     |              Unknown Artist
Sunshine And Love                     |              Happy Mondays
The Journey                     |              K2
In My Garden                     |               K2
SAMPLE:   Brady Bunch                     |              Mushroom Pasta
Cunts are still running the world                     |              Jarvis Cocker  
For What Is Chatteris...                     |              Half Man Half Biscuit Achtung Bono
Walkabouts                      |               **** Your Fear  
You cross my path                     |              THE CHARLATANS  
Readin' Your Will                     |              The Hypnotic Eye
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EricGhost Saturday, December 5, 2020

Looking forward to the bit I missed out on. Thank you!

A Journey into Alternative Chill & Groove with THE SPOONFUL OF SUGAR CLUB from 04.12.20
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