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An #electronic edition of THE SPOONFUL OF SUGAR CLUB - Changing things up a tad this week into the realms of quality #electronica >>>The Normal Fri Night 2 hr show PLUS a BONUS [unaired] hour finale for your consideration and listening pleasure.

Catch us each and every Friday from 23.00 UK time until late via www.soullegendsradio.co.uk

DON'T FORGET: If you are up and about SAT 28TH MAY 2022 from 10 pm until just gone midnight, there is a GUEST MIX INCOMING for NIGHT AIR risingedge.uk, going B2B with DJ HOOD, an hour apiece to bring you some late night tales kind of experience :-)

THIS WEEKS SELECTIONS: #strangecargo, #eclectic, #electronic, #electronica, #idm, #norules, #chilled, #crates

SAMPLE:   Meet Your Higher Self     |      Deep Sleep Meditation
Retrograde (original mix)      |      Audiophant
Yusuf        |      Cat Stevens     |        Was Dog A Doughnut 
SAMPLE:   VOYAGE PAD        |      Easy DX7 FM Patches   madFame
Out To C      |      Dave Aju TXLAX 2019
Zuma Dionys      |       Through The Valley
Paid By The Rhythm     |      Axel Boman Le New Life 2019
Everything Was Here First     |      Aril Brikha Dance Of A Trillion Stars 2020
Searching For Signal      |      Chaos In The CBD Hydrate EP 2019
Dancin Music      |      Eddie C Green Space 2019
Beauty      |      Koss Ancient Rain 2021
Pyschopass     |      Amal 2020
Outta My Head      |      Discotopia Isolation VA 2020 2020
Dance Of A Trillion Stars     |      Aril Brikha 2020
For U      |      Answer Code Request & Jan Wagner 2022
Anne Clark        |      Our Darkness    1984 
Analogue Bubblebath     |      Aphex Twin 1998
White Solar Dog      |       Love Is The Message
Leather 2020 (Thommo remix)      |      Leg Puppy A Guide to Social Remixing 2021
Intro      |      Om Unit Acid Dub Studies (LP) 2021
New Love     |      Burial Antidawn EP 2022
Érica     |       Villa Low Bass
Croma      |      buen clima Transferencia Electrónica 2022
Neubeginn (Radio Mix)     |      Carlo Capito 2021
Strangely Enough     |      Linkwood Mono 2021
Wax The Van (Jon's Dub)     |        LOLA
Where Are You? (Mix I)     |      16BIT Where Are You? 1986
V_A - Ambiance      |       Runners In Wake (Original Mix)
Walter Fini      |       Femme Fatale (Victorian Mix) AkA 15 Electronic Remixes for your Personal & Modern Pleasures 2022
Bufi      |       La Cumbia De Las Frecuencias (Orignial Mix) V/A HARD FIVE: A Five Year Duro Retrospective 2021
Hydrate      |      Chaos In The CBD Hydrate EP 2019
Prisma      |      Aril Brikha Prisma 2020
Loos In Twos (NRG)     |      Anz Loos In Twos (NRG) 2020
Pivot      |      Aril Brikha Prisma 2020
Xosé Luis Romero & Aliboria      |       Liñares (Hypno Mix) AkA 15 Electronic Remixes for your Personal & Modern Pleasures 2022
The Twirler      |      Ciel Hundred Flowers EP 2018
Bubbles      |      Misha Sultan Roots 2022
Bruha      |       Tijauna (Original Mix) V/A HARD FIVE: A Five Year Duro Retrospective 2021
The Session 2 feat. Henrik Schwarz     |      Kuniyuki Takahashi Feather World 2021
Kong Raw      |      Chesnokovskii Isolation VA 2020 2020

Don't forget you can catch us live each and every Fri from 23.00 Until late via www.soullegendsradio.co.uk

UP NEXT >>> FRI 27TH MAY 2022 FROM 23.00 UNTIL LATE >>> MAJESTYK NIGHTS (pt 1 of 2.) >>> A Sample Heavy edition of musical journeying.
Primetime top of the stack, back of the box, digs, finds and classics with #strangecargo.




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