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Featuring very special Guest from the gentleman who runs this fine group and does the "Back & to the left" Radio show, which we totally recommend you check out here; - This evening we have Jah Shabby on the controls and brace yourself for 2 full hours of way out beats & pieces to rock your socks off! Check the back story below; 

Featuring music from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, GDR, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia, the theme is as follows:
"November 9, 1989. The Berlin wall comes tumbling down. History will remember a leather-clad Hasselhoff standing atop singing badly, but this, as with many things, is just the result of the West’s desperate attempt to put itself at the centre of the story. Always the hero… Always the villain…
In truth, the people who pulled the wall down, the people who tore themselves a new future, were much more prosaic than an alcoholic action hero without his magic car.
At midnight, after people had started hacking their way through the wall that had divided them for nearly 30 years, there was jubilation, celebration and, as always, this had a soundtrack… but Katrin and Matthias couldn’t stay to enjoy it. Making their way to the now-open border crossings, they had but one destination.
Their father’s flat.
As a jobbing musician, Dieter had been travelling when the wall became a hermetic seal, cutting him off from his wife and children. They had been supposed to follow him, to flee the city. Now, 30 years later, he waited for that knock with a mixture of excitement and dread. He had laid a modest table and brought beer – beer that he had already started to drink, lest nerves get the better of him. What do you say to someone who has no memory of you, but shares your DNA? What do you say to someone you have dreamt about for your entire life, but never really met?
The twins arrived at their destination with breath bated, not knowing quite what to expect. Their father greeted them with tears barreling against the cusp of his lower lids. He welcomed them in and they talked – talked for the first time in 30 years.
A musician, Dieter made sure that the music flowed as steadily as the alcohol. This is the soundtrack to their reunion – music from the former Eastern Bloc. Music that proves, if nothing else, that what unites us is stronger than that which divides us."

Keep an eye out for flyers via the Sugarbush Group page; - You will also find all prior mixes and track-listings all posted there too.

To catch up on everything to do with this season (and links to a hell of a lot more)

Novi Singers - Wszyscy Razem (Poland) Ali Babki - Slonce W Chmurach Lazi (Poland) Novi Singers - Rien Ne Va Plus (Poland) Anna Jantar - Poszukaj Swojej Gwiazdy (Poland) The Blue Effect - Deserted Alley (Czechoslovakia) Omega – Kérgeskezű Favágók (Hungary) Klaus Lenz Modern Soul Big Band - Soul Five [excerpt] (GDR) Theo Schumann Combo - Blau Stunde (GDR) Hildegard Knef - Wieviel Menschen Waren Glücklich (GDR) Locomotiv GT – Ringasd El Magad II (Hungary) Sarolta Zalatnay - Ki Tiltja Meg (Hungary) Kati Kovacs – Wind, komm, bring den Regen her (Hungary) Breakout - Taki Wiatr (Poland) Breakout – Na Drugim Brzegu Teczy (Poland) Petr Novak – Kraska A Zvire [excerpt] (Czechoslovakia) Skaldowie – Dwa Jeden Zero Start (Poland) Czerwono-Czarni – Kyrie/Gloria (Poland) Skorpio – Lead Me Through the Night (Hungary) Expreß - Leben, Um Ein Mensch Zu Sein (GDR) Koncz Zsuzsa - Visz a Vonat (Hungary) Electra Combo - Uber Feuer (GDR) Emil Dimitrov - Sheherezade (Bulgaria) Illes – A Bolond Lany (Hungary) Marta Kubisova - Tak Dej Se K Nám A Projdem Svět (Czechoslovakia) C & K Vocal – Generace (Czechoslovakia) Theo Schumann Combo – Vesuv (GCR) Mondial – Omule! (Romania) Bergendy - Zöld Pokol (Hungary) Halina Frackowiak – Ide (Poland) Omega - H. Az Elektromos Fűrész aka Die Elektronische Säge (Hungary) Czerwone Gitary – Coda (Poland) Blues Five - A Day In The Life (Slovakia)
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PhilsHouse 07 January 2017

Can't wait to give this a lash,a proper selector..

IMAGINE THE AFTER PARTY - Finale Night - Special Guest Mix "Berlin Wall '89" by JAH SHABBY as aired on 06.01.2017
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