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 3 Hours in the mix this evening imagining a post party soiree for an after hours shindig for the cast and crew of a Daft Punk Concert -  As such we chose to delve into their influences and represent a fair few of these sounds ideal for acoustic astronauts seeking a  break  from the norm.

Think Squiffy Barbarellas & Staggering Blade Runners tripping the audio fandango through the Parisian backstreets at night

 DO HOPE YOU FIND SOMETHING TO ENJOY HERE?  More of the same tomorrow (Only bigger & Better!) Please feel free to  tune in from about  6.30pm via

Space - Music From The Stars
Leopard Tree Dream
STOMU YAMASHTA -- Raindog -- 1975
Space - Tender Force (Maxi Version)
Bernard Fevre - Earth Message
Space - Robbots (1980)
Space - Running In The City 1977 HQ
Gino Soccio _ The Visitors _ ( Original Album Version )
The Z.A.C.K. - Long Distance (1979)
Prophecy - L'Arcano Incantatore (1996)
Bamboo - Traveling Through Space And Time
Brian Benett - Voyage
Electronic System  - Back Home 1977 space disco
Meteor Man - Dee D. Jackson _ Full HD _
Performance -- dynamite dragster 1976
Trans-X - Living On Video
Onyx-McLane Explosion
Jeff Wayne Forever Autumn
ICEMAN - I Signori Della Galassia
Electronic System - Flight to Tokyo (1977 Italo underground classic from Belgium)
Blush - Lift Off
Automat - (The) Rise (The) Advance (The) Genus [(1978) Full Length]
By The Savers - Help Me (1977)
Transvolta - Disco Computer
Ganymed - Saturn
Venus Gang - Dies Irae
Moon Birds - Crystal Nº 3 (1977)
Kano   I'm Ready
Black Devil Disco Club - _H_ Friend (1978)
06   Leda   Welcome To Joyland   Space Ride
Amanda Lear - Black Holes (Long Mix)
DISCO 1977  Tonet   Memo
Delta Queen - Hot R.S.   1978
Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man (1982)
Bombers - Supermax
Caelestium - Love Stars (Instrumental Version)
GIORGIO MORODER Chase (Original 12_ Version)
Munich Machine- La Nuit Blanche
The Black Baron - Small Mistress
Leda - Endless Race (1978)
ZDAR - Pulse by Pulse
C.J. & CO. - Devil's Gun (1977)
The Atoms - From here to eternity
Boney M. - Nightflight to Venus_Rasputin (1st pressing)
Munich Machine - Space Warrior (1979)

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IMAGINE THE AFTER PARTY (2/12) Presented by The Strange Cargo Radio Show - Tonight all about a Daft Punk gig - It's our  "influence, overtone and echoes" Tribute set (3hrs)
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