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Think; The Battle to re-open Legendary London Club FABRIC has succeeded! There's a friends & family get together (pre-opening) on 06.01.2017 > This is our proposed after party set > 1 hour mellowing out and allowing the stragglers and workers to get back from the gig and settled with a drink > Then for 2 hrs more start to build and twist it up in a little late night dancing to some dance floor orientated sounds.

This is episode 8 of 12 > Still 3 FAB Guests to come too > Keep an eye out for flyers via the Sugarbush Group page; - You will also find all prior mixes and tracklistings all posted there too.

To catch up on everything to do with this season (and links to a hell of a lot more)

NEXT UP JON BRENT (ORIGINAL GIDMAN) and we're going back almost 50 yrs to the day of the iconic Doors Gig at Fillmore East, San Francisco CA for the after party - Do hope you can join us?
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IMAGINE THE AFTER PARTY (8/12) The  reopening of Fabric as aired on 03.01.2017
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