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Welcome to the 13th episode of our once a month foray towards the dancefloor and yet another slow-burning edition mixing up old and new with the hope of bringing you a refreshing 2hr alternative to your Saturday evenings' entertainment!

As ever, please do expect the unexpected as normal radio this never intended to be!  Please, grab yourself a drink, sit back, relax and enjoy as #strangecargo continue to traverse genres, space, and time trying to dig out some splendid beats and pieces from all over to go with your weekend :-)

Thanks so much for listening, do hope you find something to enjoy in here?  Have a lovely Sunday!

Back again same time, same place www.risingedge.uk from 21.00 -23.00 UK time.

THIS MONTHS SELECTIONS: #strangecargo, #eclectic, #norules, #anythinggoes, #expecttheunexpected, #crates

INTRO SAMPLE:    He Walked by Night   *********** (1948) Classic Crime,Film-Noir
1.)   Walromantik   *********** Cachita
2.)   Mabsouta (Tom's Diner Cover)   *********** Simone
3.)   Counter Act (Extended Version)   *********** Anne Clark
4.)   Deep Blue (Vocal Version)  *********** Deep Blue
5.)   Kiss The Sky     *********** Living For You   
6.)   Djulu   *********** Sumbawanga
7.)   The Village   *********** Bobvan
8.)   Red Room Party   *********** Something Wonderful
9.)   Amazon Dub (Beesmunt Soundsystem mix)   *********** General P D C
10.)  Ecstacy Beach   *********** Manuel Darquart
11.)  T Coy   *********** Carino     
12.)  Are You Ready Fellas?   *********** Javi Frias
13.)  Sexual Especiale   *********** Nonna Fab
14.)  Uriah   *********** Waffles
15.)  Rok The Disco-Tech   *********** DBS vs BDK
16.)  Wanda Dee     *********** To the Bone   
17.)  Karyn White   *********** Secret Rendezvous   
18.)  Atlas    *********** Issam-Issam
19.)  Tony Scott     *********** The Chief   
20.)  You Got Me Running   *********** Bell Towers
21.)  Soul Family Sensation     *********** I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby   
22.)  EPMD     *********** So What Cha Sayin   
23.)  Kicking Back with Taxman     *********** Devotion
24.)  Afterburn   *********** Krokakai
25.)  Der Erdbeermund (Reverso 68 Dub)   *********** Culture Beat
26.)  Raze    ***********  Break For Love   
27.)  Boris & Marcel   *********** Reymour
28.)  Doug Lazy  *********** Let it Roll   


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