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 WELCOME to a 2 hour talk free magical musical ride to the far side with very special guest NICK SHEARER and his "Gods & Monsters"  mix, in this the 3rd episode of IMAGINE THE AFTER PARTY - I can't quite give you the track listing yet but Nick has promised us he will  rustle up one for us ASAP and it will immediately get added onto here as soon as we receive it.  What we can tell you is you are in for  a right musical treat from this evening and I'm not ashamed to say that (thus far at least) this is hands down the best mix for me  personally this year.  Hope you like it half as much as it do and more of the same tomorrow for those seeking alternative after party  soundscapes :-)   Hope to see you again real soon and more GREAT Guest and mixes on the way imminently! - For FULL Tracklistings on this set.

GODS AND MONSTERS - post match celebration soundtrack;
The last thing Ban Ki Moon was expecting on last day of his tenure as secretary of the United Nations was in an invite to the all comers Faith based 5 a side charity match. After a hastily arranged whip round fights to Rome were arranged.
Moon took over goal keeping duties whilst as usual Merkal and Sarkozy made up the defensive line with John Major working the left wing and Kokfi Annan conducting the attack.
Pope Francis marshalled the old onion bag. The midfield was organised by the ‘enforcer’ the Archbishop of Winchester who’s deft interplay with the spirit of mother Teresa as a flying wing back was at times mercurial. 
The Vatican insisted no actual referee was needed as Gods judgement would reign down upon the righteous during the match.
After a hard fought game the anointed ran out eventual winners with a score of 999-113 
The blood of Christ flowed at the celebratory post match antics. Moon was due to fly to South Korea the next day but no record exists of him boarding the flight. Two days later his passport 120 Euros a ermine fur coat and three dusty C90 tapes were found in a litter bin on the outskirts of Florence. 
The tapes were subsequently sold on ebay and after sensitive negotiations with a bin man from Rotherham they were recently made available via the internet to anyone who could be arsed to listen to them.

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 Tonight was a FANTASTIC Night of music, this by far being the pinnacle but proceedings far from over yet and some rather special  guests and WICKED concepts on the way right up til Jan 6th :-)  
1 Except from Angel Heart 2 Uni Storia **** Wax 10 - Fab Mayday 3 Rev Louis Everly Forgiveness Excerpt 4 Thomas Dolby I Scare myself 5 The System Find it in your eyes 6 Bernard Lavilliers Nuit D'Amour 7 The restaurant at the end of the universe Excerpt 8 Abel Impossible 9 Frank Chickens Young Summer 10 Danny Breaks Jellyfish 11 Braden Schlager King Of Comedy 12 Land of monsters Excerpt 13 Joolz The Latest Craze 14 Apocolypse Now Excerpt 15 Joy Division Love tear us apart (Flash Atkins remix) 16 A5 Acoustic cut 17 Strange Cargo Montok point 18 Reggie Blount Racecar 19 Baris K 200 (asphodells) 20 WhoMadeWho Keep me in my plane (Koze) 21 Motezumas Rache Wu Du Wu 22 Bernard Lavilliers Night bird (just a bit) 23 Forum Yucatan 24 Mituo Shiomi Good Morning Mr Ear 25 DJ Q We are one (intro) 26 Christian Zimmerman Diary of a lost Girl 27 Jamie Lidell Multiply accapella 28 David Bowie / Pat Methany group this is not america 29 Woolfy v Projections The return of starlight 30 Slow to Speak Rich people have lazy minds 31 Steve Miller Band Macho City 32 Lemon Jelly A personal Message to you from our Chairman 33 Depeche Mode Policy of truth 34 Perfect Crime Who is your master 35 Yo La Tengo Nuclear War 36 Bobby and Betty go to the moon Excerpt 37 Tom Waits Step Right Up 38 Razzy I Hate Hate

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EclecticSundaySocial 03 January 2017

For full Track listings on this set please go to:

Strange Cargo host a very special Guest mix for IMAGINE THE AFTER PARTY (3/12)  "GODS AND MONSTERS" By Nick Shearer aired 28.12.2016
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