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Another EPIC treat tonight - 2 hrs of digging some incredible pieces of music and taking you on a magical musical journey to the far side.  Guest controller & Special Guest George Mihaly responsible for these audio delights and did us all proud at the home of real good, feel good music tonight,  Another outstanding set & am sure you will find something to enjoy here :-)

**PLEASE NOTE** No Live show on NY eve we will be going PODCAST ONLY as traditionally the servers always collapse due to overloading - Rather than put anyone through the frustrations we've faced in past years, instead; We will make sure the show for the day is posted in the groups ready for 21.30 so you get a lead up soundtrack into the New Year, should you be requiring one?  Keep an eye out for flyers from later today with full details.

To keep abreast of all things show related please use our blog where you will find all the seasons shows to date plus tracklisting and links to lots more aimed at music and culture lovers seeking a break from the norm.

BACK LIVE FROM 21.30 EVERY DAY TIL THE END OF THE SEASON AND OUR FINALE ON 6TH JANUARY 2017 Via; - where you would be MOST WELCOME to join us if you fancy a break from the norm.


All the shows, flyers and recordings / tracklistings can also be found via our FB group page here:

02.Youandewan-Have The Guts
03.Banco De Gaia - B2
04.The Pattern Forms-The Sacrifice
05.Robert Miles-Orchid Miracle
06.Underworld - Good Morning Cockerel
07.Zeus B. Held-Sho Pen How Air
08.Jesse Futerman - See Me Ride
09.Eva Geist-Tanz Im Morgenmantel
10.Al Zanders - Ripley's Voyage
11.Jesse Futerman - My Favourite Merchant
12.Praus-What We Tellin Them
13.Alma Negra - In the Beginning
14.Diskjokke-Reset And Begin
15.The Kloom-40 Gram Beton (Khidja Rec Room Remix)
16.Kin Klave´ - Soa
17.Khruangbin-Zionsville (Vuelo Remix)
18.Dos Palos-I've Been Around (Seahawks Ultra remix)
19.Eva Geist-Dniheb
21.Massive Attack - Live With Me
22.Tangerine Dream-Rubycon 2010
23.Nightmares On Wax - Les Nuits
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Unknown 02 January 2017

great music by George!!!!

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Hoody1 08 January 2017

Excellent set George and Afterlife too a real quality evening!!

Strange Cargo present Imagine The After Party (5/12) with Special Guest George Mihaly in the mix here for 2 hrs of tropical island post party acoustics as aired on 30.12.2016
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