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In the lead up to our 8th b'day with Soul Legends Radio  - 23.00 - 02.00 BST on Fri 28th August, each preceding Saturday, starting today, you will see the release of a (podcast only) taster to wet your whistles in anticipation of our BIG NIGHT IN, here we are exploring the roots & origins of the STRANGE CARGO, no rules radio concept, charting the historical musical loves & audible diversions of the late-night alternative chill out show, ideal for up late lovelies on the mooch and seeking a break from the norm. 3hrs of left of leftfield traversing genres, time & space Ideal for the aurally intrepid.

Setting the Scene:  It's the morning after the night before at a festival of your choosing.  The Big name acts are all tucked up in glam camping / fancy wagons, and what you really need is some hot strong coffee and to find one of those tiny, just quiet enough, weird little tents right at the back in the arse end of nowhere, with few witnesses and where the getting together of **** can take place. What would be spot on right now would be a soundtrack to take you from the place and mental state of nowness and lead you onto another, far, far away! 

You crave recalibration, a bit of early morning, head-nodding / swaying about and a gentle, yet escalating process of rejuvenation to put your spirits firmly back into place. You have just about 3 or so hours before the big guns roll out once more for the all-important Saturday in the Sunshine, both wanting and desperately feeling a need to be ready for the mayhem to come, ready to jump about with the best of 'em yet again.  Luckily for you, you've stumbled into the STRANGE CARGO breakfast to lunch set, just the thing to lead you nicely along from one state and into another completely disparate from where you started. 

You need a smile put back on ya mooey and to gently coax your prancing shoes to be just as springy as they were at 3am last night around the camp-fire.  Grab that coffee & a munch, Pull up a haystack & settle down for the journey commencing...
Light the touchpaper, take it Cadburys caramel levels of easy and move only when you feel moved into doing so :-)  Do hope you find something to enjoy in here!  Utterly Eclectic, left of leftfield, building as we go and where we end up nobody knows!
Please sit back, relax and enjoy!  HAPPY SATURDAYS, Welcome to your weekend and a soundscape crafted ideally for the aurally intrepid who've left their musical preconceptions in the big field, somewhere over there-ish!


1.)   Sektor Three   *********************** Mix Master Mike  Taken from Anti-Theft Device
2.)   Stickleback   *********************** Team Doyobi
3.)   Shh Song    *********************** Takako Minekawa
4.)   I Don't Know    *********************** Beastie Boys
5.)   Would It Be impossible    *********************** THE SUPERIMPOSERS
6.)   And if I fall    *********************** THE CHARLATANS
7.)   Sensual Woman     *********************** The Herbaliser
8.)   Me Not The Paper (remix)  DJ Premier    *********************** Jeru The Damaja
9.)   Sour Times (Lot More Mix)     *********************** Portishead
10.)  Fancy Work Funk    *********************** Takako Minekawa
11.)  Faded Soul    *********************** Sound Defects
12.)  Ambulance Song 7"    *********************** MALOJIAN
13.)  555    *********************** Delakota
14.)  Where it's at      Lloyd price express (nathan's re-edit)    *********************** Beck
15.)  Standing 8    *********************** Sound Defects
16.)  Solar Chain    *********************** Remulak
17.)  Intercession & Snap Your Neck Back [tracks 1 & 2 taken from the Full Album]   *********************** Gasoline
18.)  Gorgon Madonna    *********************** YUGEN BLAKROK
19.)  Us Against Whatever Ever    *********************** Ghostpoet
20.)  Skitz     *********************** 12" Domestic Science
21.)  Crushed ice feat. Sasha Perera & RQM    *********************** Tolcha
22.)  Nothing (Original 12'' Dub Version)    *********************** The Sandals
23.)  In Wonder - Digeridub Mix 1991    *********************** Presence (written by Lol Tolhurst of The Cure)
24.)  Lose Control 7"   *********************** James
25.)  The Blues (It Began In Africa)    *********************** Romare
26.)  Bug Powder Dust [Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix]    *********************** Bomb The Bass
27.)  Tempest Dub.     *********************** Cotton Belly
28.)  Boof n' Baff n' Biff (Reconstruction by Thievery Corporation)    *********************** Black Uhuru
29.)  Wicked Act    *********************** BLACK UHURU
30.)  Spy Smasher    *********************** Diggory Kenrick
31.)  Spaghetti    *********************** Ror-Shak
32.)  Black Uhuru-Boof' N' Baff' N' Biff'    *********************** (Fila Brazillia Remix # 2) DanceHall Queen OST
33.)  Useless (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session)    *********************** Depeche Mode
34.)  Sent for Ducklings Got Ducks    *********************** Equiknoxx
35.)  The Storm [12" Version]    *********************** World of Twist
36.)  Brown Paper Bag    *********************** Roni Size, Reprazent
37.)  Fate or Faith (feat. Julee Cruise)    *********************** Ror Shak
38.)  Riton  7"  (The Cure Cover)    *********************** Killing an Arab
39.)  Policeman Skank (Freestylers rinse out rmx)   *********************** Audioweb
40.)  A Forest (The Cure Cover)     *********************** Ror-Shak
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EricGhost Saturday, August 1, 2020

Looking forward to hearing this one! Thanks!

STRANGE CARGO ROOTS AND ORIGIN MIXTAPE SESSION (pt1 of 3) - 01.08.20 - (Tracklistings Incl.)
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