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Welcome aboard for the 4th episode from IMAGINE THE AFTER PARTY - Tonight think 3am London Secret Location, after party for ROMARE following a live performance - this is our proposed soundtrack & do hope you find something to enjoy here?

More of the same 21.30 every night for main events til Jan 6th - Look out for flyers for warm up sets too :-)

SAMPLE; Case Study_ LSD (1969)  
Not Waving - Future Rain (Original Mix) (Emotional Response   ERS010)
Luke Wyatt - Bertone Stratis (Secret Circuit Remix)   Emotional Response ERS018
Not Waving - Ability to Gain Access (Pye Corner Audio Remix) Emotional Response   ERS016
Khidja - Aura (Original Mix)   [Emotional] Especial EES015
Kelpe - Chirpsichord   DRUT DRUT007
The Green Door All-Stars - Set Upon The River (Original Mix)   Autonomous Africa AALP001
Paxton Fettel - Tripped Out (Original Mix)   Apersonal Music APERSONALLP05
Jimi After - Wild Billy (Original Mix)   Throne Of Blood TOBD003
Khidja - Mustafa (Timothy J Fairplay Remix) (Emotional Especial   EES006)
Musiccargo - Domino (Original Mix) (Emotional Response   ERS006)  
Khidja - The Quiet Before The Red Stop (Original Mix) [Emotional] Especial EES015
Golden Bug feat. Yann Wagner - Wild Boys   DLM007
Tornado Wallace - Thinking Allowed (Original Mix) (ESP Institute   ESP015)  
Garnica - I Dont Care About Winning, I Care About Playing (Original Mix)  
In Fields - Battle For The Mind (Original Mix)   Clouded Vision CLOUDED026
SAMPLE; Re_ Telepathy During an MDMA and LSD Trip
Kelpe - Drums For Special Effects   DRUT DRUT007
Khidja - Never Seen The Dunes (Original Mix)   [Emotional] Especial EES015
Kisses feat. Pat Grossi - Kids in LA Theme (Original Mix)   Throne Of Blood TOB050
In Fields - Cruiseline Stripper (Original Mix)   Clouded Vision CLOUDED026
Trujillo - Fruit Punch (Eddie C Remix)   Apersonal Music APERSONALLP05
Tasty Treats (Ronald Burrell) - Got To Believe (Original Mix)   Citi Records CITI010
Damien Lynch - The Heights   ESP Institute   ESP041 118.0 7:58
Signal Flow feat. Gustaph - Livin' Off The Wall (Ominous Remix) Culprit   CP054
Climbers - 2 Come Back (Miguel Campbell Club Mix) (Culprit CP026) OFFICIAL
Luv  Jam - Synth The Skies (Flyypost Version)   Throne Of Blood TOB050
Garnica - Love Someone (Mario Basanov Remix)   Apersonal Music APERSONALLP05
Viktor Birgiss - Shine   Love Potion   LVPTN001 118.0 7:24
Clarian & Guy Gerber - Claire (Original Mix) (Visionquest   VQ024) OFFICIAL
André Laos - Stroganoff (Anton Klint Remix)   Let's Play House LPH039
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The Main Event Mix for 29.12.2016 Romare post Gig Sounds from IMAGINE THE AFTER PARTY (4/12)
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