180 2 months ago
Welcome to the sounds of this weekend!!! After a couple of retrospective 80's weeks and a bit of a jump around we decided to strip it all right back and do an extended particularly slow-building journey this time around. One packed full of the weird and wonderful from all over ideal for the crate diggers and sample hunters among you, seeking a break from the norm. A properly international and dusty selection covering heaps of genres and styles from delta blues to pitched down acid from India around '82.

YOU CAN EXPECT TO HEAR: Psych, Fusion, Downtempo, Balearic,Library, Modern Classical,Minimal Synth, Experimental, World, Chillout, Trip Hop, Ambient Experimental, Synthwave, Fusion, Library, Prog, Jazz, Minimal Synth, Funk, Pysch Folk, Synth Funk, Jazz Funk, Lounge, Easy Listening, Synth-Pop, Soul, New Age, Modern Classical, Avantgarde, Indie, Post Punk, Crossover, IDM, Minimalism, Exotica, Xian Psych Soul, Astral Jazz, Spoken Word, Reggae, Blues, Pitched down Acid 

FROM THE LIKES OF: Blaze Color, GODSPEED, Rocchi, Godi, Chiarosi, Abbar el Hamada, Japanese Genius, Alan Tew Orchestra, Arrigo Dubaz, Hal Peterson & Harlan Soper, The Mighty Makers, Coste Apetrea, Fluid, The Ramsey Lewis Trio, Doris Abrahams, Carmen Gaspar, Janko Nilovic, Portishead, Anthony Mawer, Manyano, Stefano Torossi, Antonio Sechi, Piazza Delle Erbe, The Voices Of San Francisco, Dave Valentin, Fu King, Charly Hörnemann, P.F. Flyer, Phil Davies, Galigaï, The Love Junkie, Paolo Ferrara, Apoteosi, Corviria, BENE GESSERIT, Roberto Fogu, Miriam Bordoni, Saori Yuki, Rudy Rosa, Gianni Marchetti, Rino De Filippi, Boards of Canada and Planetarium  - Plus a wee bit of sampling along the way to aid with the atmospheric feel of the journey ;-) 

Hopefully something for everyone and the perfect accompaniment to your weekends chill-out antics!

Thanks so much for tuning in, back to more of the normal [abnormal] music as medicine next week when we will not be so diggy and do the normal sprinkling of feel good classics and slightly more uptempo if meandering stuff from way out where!  Dont forget you can catch us each and every Fri night from 11pm til late via www.soullegendsradio.co.uk where you would be MOST WELCOME!

I'll update the full tracklisting in chronological order later in the week but do feel free to PM with any times and tracks of interest and I'll happily sort you out if it is something you'd like to add to your own collections in the meantime :-)  HAPPY Saturday to all!



A great show it was! I missed the first hour - downloading now to catch up. Thanks for sharing!