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Dub Dark Stepper
90 min, 144bpm, dark steppa dub set performed at Metamorph 3 @ The Fenton, Leeds, 11/06/22, powered by my Exciter Sound System. The "Runners" referred to in the title were the Otley Runners (a traditional Leeds pub crawl that's usually done in fancy dress) who dominated the crowd at this free event. (GD does not associate himself with any religious/spiritual connotations found in the track titles)


1 Djezebra by Dub Pharaon
2 Revelation Dub Part 4 (Tsunami Wazahari Ft Saimn I Meets DISS) by Dub Iration Sound System
3 La Danse Des Parasites (Feat Panda Dub) by Full dub
4 SynchroniCity Dubplate 2016 by Dreadlock Tales
5 Ancient Blood by Young Guardian
6 Forge by Hermit
7 Empire Dub (Hermit Dubz remix) by Radikal Guru
8 Crossing Desert by Dirty Live Dub
9 Super Stepper 3000 by Digital Skankers
10 CPU Banger by Bisou
11 Traumatic by Black Beanie Dub
12 Dark Matters (Woody Vibes remix) by Feldub
13 unknown artist by Evil Man Dub M
14 We Love the Sound System by Ashkabad meets Baltimores
15 Power Of The Trinity Dub by El Bib
16 Revelation Dub by Ichman
17 Clandestino by HabooDubz
18 Wave by Ka Dub
19 Wicked Sax (feat Guru Pope) by Pablo Raster, Anja G, Guru Pope
20 Moon (feat Emrah Kaptan) by Enigmatik Dub
21 Mystikal Spirit by BlueMystik Sound System
22 Owl Vision (feat Baku Dub) by Jael
23 Marche Etrange by Mad Skanker
24 Bad Man Dub by Antxon Sagardui
25 Hardcore Dub by Mandala Sound
26 Bad trip (BassDefender rework) by Lo end Dub feat CrudoBilbao Dubbers
27 Maritime Dub pt 2 by Gary Clunk alongside Uptown Rebel
28 Roll Call (Panda Dub & Tetra Hydro K remix) by Troy Berkley & Krak In Dub
29 Tidal Change (SID3 FX Remix) by Subroot
30 Special Dubplate (Stepper City Riddim) Dub Version (Wallar Beats) by Afrikan Dub & Fly Katanah
31 Juggler (TD Dub Remix) by Pilah & Joe Pilgrim
32 Jah Rule (Mr Ites remix Raw) by Aryeh Yah
33 Wake Dub (raw cut) by CrudoBilbao Dubbers & Shamann
34 The Fight Room by BassDefender
35 Senses Flood (feat Tony Lafon) by Ksanti
36 Finsbury Steppa by Culture
37 Tal Ferrite by Sumac Dub
38 Politician Dirty System Part 2 by DuBoLoGy feat Sammy Gold
39 Souljah (Xicury Dub Remix) by PlusStepper
40 C4 by Docteur Ganjah
41 Keynotes part 2 by CrudoBilbao Dubbers
42 Depth (Dagga General remix) by Awoga
43 Mystical Ventilation by Mad Skanker


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