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(6/28/2024) Not completely sure what Electro House is, but we'll go with it--I guess.

I'm always seeing these Party Mixes being posted around (especially this time of year), and I've never really done one, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  The majority of the tracks here are fairly recent, but some are older, and others are just remixes/re-releases of older tracks.  There's also some stuff I've played before and just thought it would fit well.  The idea is that most everything is upbeat and has a lot of vocals.  To my ear, it all seems pretty giggly-wiggly (of course, that's subjective--I do have a morose streak at times).

I've made this kind of long, but it chills out right in the middle at about 90 or so minutes (at track 23).  It stays chill for like 10 or 12 minutes, then builds back into party mode.  (I dunno; I suppose this enables a bathroom break or something.)  There is a decent amount of lite remixing throughout, but I did hit a few tracks fairly hard, and they are noted in the track list.

Please enjoy this, and blast it really, really, really loud at your next backyard-bash!


1 Alpha by Jack Solo
2 All That I Can Give (Extended Mix) by Tenacious
3 Addicted To You by Yooniq
4 Love U More (Solarstone Extended House Ape Mix) by Sunscreem
5 Cars by Laroz
6 Morning Light (Gem & Tauri Extended Mix) by Le Youth
7 back2u (Extended Mix) by GUDFELLA, Disco Lines
8 Dancing star (Solomun Extended Remix) by Pet Shop Boys
9 Jazz Fever (Extended Mix) by LewRaz
10 Talk About Love (Extended Mix) by Axel Boy
11 Aliens on Earth by Joeski
12 Space Between (Extended Mix) by Acrobat, Vakabular
13 Sirens of the Sea (Marsh Extended House Ape Mix) by OceanLab, Above & Beyond
14 Guarded Heart (Extended Mix) by Ekko, Tom Westy
15 Way down We Go (Extended Mix Massaged by House Ape) by CYREES
16 In the Air (feat. Angela McCluskey) by Morgan Page, Sultan & Ned Shepard, and BT
17 Emotion (Extended House Ape Mix) by Mhammed El Alami, Ericsson, EGGSTA
18 Two Souls (Andy Moor Extended Remix) by JES
19 Let The Music Play by Block & Crown, Mike Ferullo
20 Like Thunder (Extended House Ape Mix) by HIDDN, Calumny, Nøway
21 S.O.S. by Jackers Revenge
22 Echo Ritual by Rees
23 Walk With Me (youANDme Remix) by Elektro Guzzi, Martin Klein
24 Polar (Fejka Remix) by Thylacine
25 Let's Go Back (Wassu Dub Extended Mix) by Liquid Todd, Krysta Youngs, Stash Konig
26 On & On (Extended Mix) by Not Kiddin
27 What You Need (Extended Mix) by ELPORT
28 Touch Me Feat. Cassandra by Rui Da Silva
29 Synths 'n Stuff (Extended Mix) by Randy, Renect
30 Steady Are You Ready (Extended House Ape Mix) by Lee Cabrera
31 Essence of Yesterday by Woter
32 My World (Andy Moor Mix) by Luminary
33 Jade by Moullinex, GPU Panic
34 CU (Extended Mix) by Jev
35 Sugar Sugar by Block & Crown
36 Same Air feat. Liel Kolet (Extended House Ape Mix) by LTN, Ghostbeat, Liel Kolet
37 Voyage Voyage (Extended Mix) by RIKO & GUGGA
38 Real Love (AFP Real Dub Mix) by Kelli-Leigh, Jess Bays
39 Separation (Extended Vocal Club Mix) by Amber Long, Sergio Vilas
40 The Time (Extended House Ape Mix) by Pete K, Ash Nova
41 Addicted To You by Nickobella, M1CKY, N@OM1
42 Roses (4X4 Mix) by Rick Carbonell
43 Midnight Mirage by Nacho Varela, Cruz Vittor
44 Ain't No Mountain by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrel


Konstanze el Domingo
Konstanze el Domingo

Super, freue mich schon drauf, ist immer aufregend bei dir man weiss nie was auf dich wartet😻

Konstanze el Domingo
Konstanze el Domingo

Super Set, richtig sommerlich und fröhlich💖
Total das Gegenteil von meiner Arbeit, aber ich feiere dich sehr, die Musik die du machst geht mir unter die Haut❤️‍🔥

House Ape
House Ape

Ich freue mich, dass es Ihnen gefallen hat. Ich habe noch nie einen fröhlichen Party-Mix gemacht. Ich dachte, ich würde es einfach mal zum Spaß versuchen--das ist nicht mein normales Ding. Ich freue mich immer über Ihre freundliche Zustimmung. Vielen Dank fürs Zuhören! 🌈✌️🫶


Fabulous mix, thank you, House Ape.....10 out of 10. 👏👍🙏❤️💫✨🌠🌈✌️🙌🎧🎼🎵🎶🎵

House Ape
House Ape

Thank you, Kind Sir!!


Nice mix, good track choice!

House Ape
House Ape

Thank you, sir!