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(5/30/2024)  We'll say Techno is the main ingredient here, but it's all the stuff in the tags mixed together.  Most of the music here is new, except for the Sabbath track (@01:15:20) and the Joy Division cover, by DESSAU, at the end.

As usual, please enjoy this, and play it really, really loud!


1 Out There by Lickweed, Swim INC, Boydex
2 Warfare by Nitro (ESP)
3 Ellipsis by Komilev
4 Babylon by GIGEE
5 Embracing Nature by Gustin, Callecat
6 Splendor by Braxton, Steven Weston
7 Taste of Freedom by Digital Mess
8 Purple Grain (Extended Mix) by AIO
9 Too Late by Agustin Müller
10 Chernobyl (Extended Mix) by Damian Wasse
11 Faith by Droplex
12 Requiem by Stupid Boy
13 Descent (Carl Craig Remix) by Carl Craig, Dubfire
14 Beeps Hah! (Phattom & Dubinho Remix) by The Darrow Chem Syndicate
15 Ritual by Under This, Citybox
16 Voices of Opera by Invadia
17 Elysium by Ominousboy
18 Children of the Grave by Black Sabbath - (Warner Bros. 1971)
19 Galaksija by Julius Friedemann, Niqo Sanvt
20 Work 4 Love by Stephen Day
21 Feel by Greg Downey
22 Shanti by UMEK
23 The Prophecy by The YellowHeads
24 Venom by Co-Existence
25 Cupid's Soul (House Ape Mix) by Belu Colombo
26 Serpens by RanchaTek, Phased
27 Dare by TimiR
28 The Future by Kid Panel, Tone Abstract
29 Ryft by Andres Koller, Marco Miranda
30 Dirty Ride by Fred Lenix
31 Träume by Klanglos
32 Sanctuum by Julian Meinke
33 Rekindled by Horatio, Vikthor
34 Love Me (Extended Mix) by Oscar L
35 This is the Time feat. Denis Rabbe by Tabis & Dawn
36 You Don't Know (Extended Mix) by AKKI (DE), Tone-Hype
37 Isolation by DESSAU - (Carlyle Records 1988)



All cleverly mixed well done 👍 I love it so much appreciated thanks 👍


Even better than part 1 ..... I love it 😍

House Ape
House Ape

I'm really glad you liked it, kind sir! Thanks so much for lending an ear. 😜

Konstanze el Domingo
Konstanze el Domingo

Wie immer Hörgenuss❤️‍🔥gekonnt gemixt😻

House Ape
House Ape

Du bist cool! Vielen Dank fürs Zuhören! 🤩

DJ Tobi
DJ Tobi

Good work. Keep it up ! Greetz Tobi

House Ape
House Ape

Glad you liked it, sir! 🤩