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Soulful House
4 Hours Of Soulful House
Sorry only 192 as site wouldn't let me upload @320


1 Our God by Dj Couza, DJ Tears PLK, Bii Kie
2 Melodies of My Heart by Skillz, Imprazen, MellowCent
3 Fly by N.W.N.
4 What You Do to Me by Harley&Muscle, Christopher McCray
5 Won't Go Back(Main Vocal) by Harley&Muscle, Robert Owens
6 Like Hold The Light(John Esposito Main Mix) by Loretta Moretto, D
7 Speak To Me(OPOLOPO Tweak) by Soul Renegades
8 How Deep Is Your Love(Ralf GUM Main Mix) by Ralf GUM, Simmy
9 Inside Me by DeepBlue SA, Rebecca Chauke
10 Time Waits For No One by Teddy Douglas, Carmen Brown
11 True Nature(Main Vocal) by Harley & Muscle, Gerideau
12 Move On Up(That Mix) by Hotevilla, Ladybird
13 Was That All It Was(Teddy Douglas Reproduction) by John Morales, Thommy Davis, Carmen Brown
14 Just Us(The DJ Spen & Reelsoul Remix) by Brian Power, Hil St. Soul, Richard Burton
15 Circles by Maxime Groove
16 The Best I Never Had(Main Vocal) by Bonna, Suki Soul
17 Forever(Rick's Pure Roots Extended) by Cortney LaFloy, Rick Lenoir
18 Man, Darian Crouse Another Star(2021 Extended Mix) by DJ Thes
19 Stairway To Heaven(Teddy Douglas Remix) by Randy Roberts, Richard Burton
20 Can You See My Light(Larry Rauson's Reluxed Vocal Mix) by Willy Washington, Gary Adams
21 Shackles(Original Mix) by Neil Pierce, Hannah Khemoh
22 All I Do(Original Mix) by Boogie Freaks
23 Homage(Orginal Mix) by Cafe 432
24 Hypnotise(Tedd Patterson Extended Remix) by Danism, Heidi Vogel
25 Taboo Love 2021 by David Harness
26 A Deeper Love(Jerry C. King C.H.L.P. Mental Mix) by Dawn Souluvn Williams
27 Prisoner(Original Mix) by Deep Soul Syndicate, Earl Green
28 Light up My Cigarette(T.Markakis Extended Mix) by Delicado, KIKA
29 Get My Mansion Ready(Extended Mix) by Floorplan
30 2nd Chance(Dub Mix) by Frankie Ferrara, Richelle Hicks
31 Dance With Me, Love by Funky Blackman
32 Heavenly(Soul Remix) by Jordi Cabrera
33 Love & Devotion(Club Mix) by Krewcial, Nimiwari
34 Focus (Keys Snow's Vocal Mix) by Luka, Sio
35 Lean Into It(Tedd Patterson Vocal Remix) by Luyo
36 Open Your Heart feat Valentina Ducros(Club Version) by Paolo Faz
37 Let's Fly feat Carla Prather(Original Extended Mix) by Sea 'N' Soul
38 Wish I Didn't Miss You(Teddy Douglas Remix) by Tasha LaRae
39 Its Happening Now(The Terrence & Sheryl Miracle Love Story Mix) by Terrence Parker
40 Your Lovin'(Original Mix) by True2Life, Tōnis
41 See I'm So Lost Without You(Original Mix) by Vasily Umanets
42 Jazz In The HouseA Song For François Kevorkian(BLISS NYC Mix) by Wil Milton





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