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KninoDj Set 2251 Best Progressive House - May to Dec 2021


1 Nowhere by Matan Caspi
2 Ask Yourself by Stan Kolev
3 Rapture (Extended Mix) by Kryder, Natalie Shay
4 Tik Tak by Erika Krall & Lian Gold
5 Reminding by Anyma feat. Rosa Anschutz
6 Vayu (Extended Mix) by Local Dialect
7 Artifact by Matan Caspi
8 Aya by Stan Kolev, Out Of Mind
9 East Soul (Kryder Remix) by Tom Staar & Trace
10 Right To The Brink (Monastetiq Remix) by V_Cious Feat. Haptic
11 A New Dawn by Zstimer
12 Citta Alta by Eric Rose
13 Nadlan (Made in TLV Version) by Takiru, Dor Reuveni, Mosko (IL) feat Loco Hot
14 Told You Wrong by Cmon
15 Need To Feel Loved (Cristoph Remix) by Reflekt ft. Delline Bass
16 Asterism by Redspace & Eleene
17 Run Again by Space Motion
18 The Tribal Code by Teklix
19 Vurt by Xandl & Dj Hepri
20 April by Yousef, CamelPhat
21 Astra by The Advocate
22 East To West by Matan Caspi, Teklix


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