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One big Epic 3 hour mix with more than 50 (!!) of the best dub, dark & Peaktime Techno Bangers I used in my Techno Vibes series in 2022! Let's Party and play it loud!

Support link: www.paypal.me/djlxl
Soundcloud; @user-23193669
Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com/djlxl/
Heartthis; hearthis.at/lxl/
Housemixes: www.house-mixes.com/profile/LxL
Youtube; www.youtube.com/channel/UChoVFKQXMSX_v3pVaF_2yTw
Insta: www.instagram.com/lex1532/
Artwork from www.instagram.com/artbypdeg


1 BAIRES by White Rabbit
2 Balthazar & JackRock by Augmented Moment
3 Andrea Signore by Obsession (Original Mix)
4 Matteo Vitanza by Becoming Light (Original Mix)
5 Sam WOLFE Feat. Andrea Garcia by Prison Break (Original Mix)
6 Kaspar by Point of No Return (Original Mix)
7 Adam Beyer X Bart Skils by Your Mind (Charles D Epic Mix)
8 Ronnie Spiteri by False Love (Extended Mix)
9 Lilly Palmer by We Control
10 Victor Ruiz by Omen (Original Mix)
11 HILO & Reinier Zonneveld by String Theory (Extended Mix)
12 Tom Wax, concious by I'm a Freak (Original Mix)
13 Tiger Stripes by Nocturne (Original Mix)
14 Kaspar by Morpheus
15 Bisou by Ordinary (Rave & Freak Mix)
16 Giorgio Leone (IT) by Chronicles (Original M
17 Push X Joyhauser by Choir Of Spirits
18 Boy Next Door by Inferno
19 Adam Beyer by Dirty Lagoon
20 Mark Dekoda by Rave Harder Techno Bass
21 Sam Paganini by Rave (Adam Beyer & Layton Giordani Remix)
22 Dyno by Nox (Original Mix)
23 GrooveANDyes by Strange Harmony (Original Mix)
24 HILO by Hera (Original Mix)
25 Layton Giordani by Ufos & Lfos (Original Mix)
26 Shadym, Niereich by Flashbang (Original Mix)
27 Cherrymoon Trax by The House Of House (Original Mix)
28 Spektre, Juliet Fox by Thinking About You ft Juliet Fox
29 Brennen Grey by Voice of The Void
30 Kai Tracid, A S Y S by Wrong or Right (Acid Rain over Berlin Mix)
31 Rebel Boy by The Ties That Bind Us (Original Mix)
32 Hamud Snobar by SHADES OF LAGOON
33 Ramon Tapia by Morphing (Extended Version)
34 AKKI (DE), Kaspar (DE) by Horizon (Original Mix)
35 Rebel Boy by Psychosis (Original Mix)
36 Tiger Stripes by Song for Debbie (Original Mix)
37 Spektre by Gates of dawn
38 Mario Ochoa by Rush (Original Mix)
39 Tiger Stripes by Renegade (Original Mix)
40 Loco & Jam by Back To The Warehouse (Original Mix)
41 Mha Iri by Here with You (Original Mix)
42 Velasquez, BAUS by I Just Wanna Feel (Extended Version)
43 Mha Iri by You Are Mine (Original Mix)
44 Harvey Mckay by Elves Playground (Original Mix)
45 Dada Life by So Good
46 HILO & DJ Deeon by WANNA GO BANG (Original Mix)
47 Ignacio Arfeli by Hardwired (Original Mix)
48 Will Clarke by Enjoy The Silence (Original Mix)
49 Ramon Tapia by Bring It On Down (Original Mix)
50 Thomas Schumacher by Interlinked
51 Modea by Era Of Rave
52 Robpm by Elevator (Original Mix)
53 Train (Original Mix) Rudaki by X
54 Blasterjaxx X Maddix by Purpose (Extended Mix)
55 Alignment by Attack


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